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Why Hiring a Financial Advisor is Crucial for Your Financial Future: Meet Our Vetted Female-Focused Professionals at Purse Strings

Hiring a financial advisor is as crucial as consulting a skilled mechanic regarding your car. While some of us may tinker with our vehicles, if we make mistakes or break something, the consequences are often minimal and can be repaired. However, when it comes to managing your finances, getting it wrong from the start can have far-reaching, irreversible consequences. Unlike a car that can be fixed, time lost in financial planning and investments is almost impossible to recover. Such missteps can significantly impact your financial future.

Just as an experienced mechanic knows the ins and outs of your vehicle and can diagnose issues accurately, financial advisors are experts in understanding the nuances of the financial world. They can help you make informed decisions, minimize risks, and design a financial strategy that aligns with your goals. Without their insights, you risk making costly mistakes that can set you back substantially, making it challenging to catch up and secure your financial well-being.

At Purse Strings, we do the heavy lifting for you. We look for financial professionals who focus on serving the female market. These are professionals who “get you.” They know what you’re up against and will be in your court to partner with you so that together you can create a beautiful financial future. No guilt. No shame. No embarrassing questions. We vetted them all and they are professionals we would refer to our own BFFs, our moms, and our female friends.

Read over these intros, click on their names, and dig deeper into their Purse Strings profiles. They are ready to start working with you today!

Erin Redmond

Partner at Ford Financial Group

Erin works in partnership with her mother, who is also a financial professional. Two powerhouses!! They have primarily focused on women and work diligently to make sure their female clients have peace of mind and ease the stress that comes with opening up about finances.

Ashley Nichols

Financial Planner at WestPac Wealth Partners

Ashley always makes sure her clients have a thorough understanding of where they are today financially so she can assist them in creating a roadmap of where they want to go in the near future or long term. She and her team specialize in asset protection and tax planning/strategizing.

Abbey Henderson

CEO, Wealth Advisor, and Coach at Abaris Financial Group

Abbey loves working with women because she feels women tend to be more relationship-oriented and relationship is her favorite part of being an advisor. She also finds that women are often her most engaged and collaborative clients.

John Foley

Certified Financial Planner at Baystate Financial. 

John knows how some people think financial planning is intimidating. So, his goal for every client is to derive a feeling of ease. You could be the CFO of a business or a homemaker with no prior financial acumen, but John will treat you the same way. He will take the time to learn about your financial needs and concerns and help educate and empower you to make the right financial decisions.

JoanN North

Certified Financial Planner at J North Financial

Joan is committed to helping her clients create a clear financial plan by listening to their concerns and goals, simplifying the complex financial environment, and minimizing risk where possible. The end result will be less stress with higher potential for you to reach your financial goals all while addressing your own unique circumstances.

A financial professional is a team player to help you navigate your financial journey. Why not work with one of the best, fully vetted, female-focused and at the ready, to create a prosperous and smooth journey ahead. Come on, ladies – let’s be financially fearless.