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 What are the top 3 traits of a

confident negotiator?

Joann North

Answered By

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

Negotiation Trainer and Coach  at KBK Wealth Connection


What are the top 3 traits of a confident negotiator?


Women who negotiate, charge for their true value, and feel great about it, share these traits:

1. Positivity: 

Every woman has a negotiation mindset that impacts how she thinks and feels about negotiating. A confident negotiator accepts that negotiating is part of her job and has worked to let go of any negative attitudes toward communicating her value and asking for her full fee.

2. Patience:

The negotiation process should not be rushed. A confident negotiator moves the conversation forward, overcomes sales objections, and learns to tolerate the discomfort that can arise when it takes a while to close a sale. She trusts her patience will pay off in higher fees and more satisfying client relationships.

3. Persistence:

A confident negotiator knows that not every prospect is a good fit for her business. She will be persistent in the search for ideal clients and trust that her best clients may negotiate but also see the value of her services. She is not afraid to walk away if she feels undervalued, as she is committed to earning her worth.


Are you a confident negotiator? If not, you can learn how to become one. Find a mentor or coach to help you develop these traits and practice asking for your true worth.