Citing a report from the Center For Talent and Innovation, WealthManagement.com states that “women hold about 39 percent of the estimated $28.6 trillion in investable assets in the U.S., creating the largest market opportunity for financial advisors to make a difference in the lives of their clients.”

Female Clients Are Special

If you are a financial planner, financial advisor, or insurance professional looking to improve your overall sales numbers and fast track your growth, start creating tailored services for female clients.

However, advising women takes more thought and planning as women generally have different challenges that can impact how they set and reach their financial goals. Women like to be treated fairly and want to have meaningful connection with the people who provide them services.


A Personal Experience

I experienced this on a recent visit to my new dentist. I walked into a beautiful office, with soothing music, and was immediately greeted by name. After sitting in the chair, I was treated to a hand wax – normally a service provided by a salon! Next, I was given a lavender-scented neck warmer and treated to HGTV. I was very relaxed—and blown away!

My dentist explained that she knows patients are generally nervous, so she provides the little things that women love to provide a calm experience and enjoy their dental visit. This dentist has differentiated herself by catering to her female patients, and she’s profiting from it.

Financial and insurance professionals can do the same.

Tips For Making Strong Connections

According to Wealth Management, women “want advisors who can not only educate them but who can validate them as intelligent and competent investors.”

Try these tips and stand out as a professional who truly understands the needs of female clients:

  • Ask open-ended questions; then, listen.
  • Provide solutions, with options, to her challenges.
  • Learn what is unique about your female clients and install services to attract their business.
  • Connect on a personal level to build trust.

Catering to women will provide an incredible opportunity to grow your business. Contact us today and let us show you what you need to do to reach, engage, and expand your female market. 

The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.

– Roy H. Williams

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