There’s a storm brewing!

The future is female and the future is now.

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The Females and Finance Facebook Group

Do you feel it? Can you sense it?

Be alert because it’s going to come on strong! Sheryl Brown, creator of the Females & Finance Facebook group has, in just two months, joined together 1000 amazing women in finance, and it continues to grow.

Females and Finance is a community of women working in #FinServ and/or #FinTech who want to recruit, retain, train, and advance more women in our profession. These women cover the gamut from professional speakers, investment advisors, coaches, authors, educators, insurance advisors and more, who have been working tirelessly to advance women in all areas of financial services.

Sheryl has created a much-needed windstorm of change. So many of these women have been working in their own space to advance the financial empowerment of women. Now, as a collective group, we will be a force to be reckoned with. As Sheryl continues to swirl, she will be gathering more and more female financial professionals into her funnel, amassing powerful and needed change for women.

Change and Empowerment

This group is a powerful and growing community which is starting to articulate our messages, our meaning, and our purpose…so listen in. The future is female and the future is now. The data on women and their financial futures are glum, but the women of Females and Finance have it in their heart and in their mission to make change; to teach women, to unveil their strength, and to show them how to speak with their money and expect better.

These are the types of women (and men) I am looking for to serve our Purse Strings community of women; financial professionals who know that women are the most powerful, yet underserved market, and are willing to step-up and learn what women want and need from their financial providers.

Do you want to be a Purse Strings Approved Provider?

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Barbara Provost | Purse Strings

Barbara Provost MS EdD is a 25-year veteran of the fast-paced world of Chicago business. With multiple Masters Degrees and a Doctorate in Adult and Continuing Education, Barbara Provost MS EdD is an expert in how adults learn. In her roles as an Educator and as an Adjunct Professor at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Barbara Provost MS EdD has taught new and emerging leaders at some of America’s foremost financial companies.

As a Certified Coach of the International Coaching Federation, Dr. Provost’s one-on-one work focuses on personal, professional, and small business field

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