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The 5 Best Financial Literacy Books for Women

The calendar may say that April is financial literacy month, but that’s every month here at Purse Strings. In fact, it’s every day, every thought, and every post. Our mission is always to ensure women have great, easy-to-use financial tools and resources at their fingertips 24×7. Life can change in a minute, and before you know it, something changes, and now you have financial questions or concerns.


You got a big, fat bonus! Go you! Should you invest? Pay off those student loans? Put a down payment on that new car you’ve been eyeing. What’s the best financial decision?


This is the year you are finally going to live your life’s dream and own your own business. Your prototype has great traction, and now you are going to make it real. You need help with funding, cash flow, booking, and accounting. Where do you start?


You knew it was coming, but it is still unreal. You never entered marriage thinking you’d ever get divorced. But here you are, planning your financial future on your own. What’s the best way to go about it?


You're finally making some money. You have cash in the bank, maxed out your 401k, are thinking about getting married, and want to have a game plan for your financial future. Is it time to be an “adult” and meet with a financial planner?

It’s terribly unfortunate that financial literacy was never taught in schools. It’s like being given keys to a car without any instruction or test runs. And one month dedicated to financial literacy is just a reminder that we got jipped. So many of us faked it, did the best we could, or made mistakes that were hard to climb out of.

But that all stops with Purse Strings.

Learning about your finances or becoming financially literate all starts with getting a handle on where you are today so you can create a game plan to move confidently into your future.

And, it doesn’t happen in a month or even a year. It’s a lifelong learning event.  

At Purse Strings, we have fantastic go-to resources you have used to help you on your journey.

If you were my BFF, and let’s face it, if you are reading this blog, then I consider you my friend, then these are the books I would highly recommend. Many are written by our fabulous Purse Strings Approved Professionals.

As we focus on our financial literacy, here are five books to help you on your journey!

Messages from Money by Ellen Rogin

Ellen is the best. She approaches money from a much different perspective. She views money like a friend or partner. Different, right?  Messages from Money explores your relationship with money, emphasizing that you have one whether you realize it or not. By viewing money as a friend or partner, the book prompts reflection on your attitude—whether caring, supportive, distrustful, or fearful. It guides you to shift from worrying about money to welcoming it and leverage financial intuition for prosperity.  Ellen is a former financial advisor, and her unique approach enhances traditional strategies and cultivates a healthier money relationship

I Now Pronounce You Financially Fit by Pam Friedman.

Pam is our expert on all things divorce!! She is super smart and her book, I Now Pronounce You Financially Fit, highlights a crucial truth that divorce is a financial planning concern often overlooked in marriages. Pam Friedman stresses the importance of discussing investments, income, budget, and the potential financial impact of divorce early on. Despite the focus on trust and love in marriage, the book addresses the reality of a fifty percent divorce rate and provides guidance on protecting finances in marriage and navigating divorce if necessary.

Breaking Money Silence by Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

KBK is another one of our esteemed professionals and a wealth psychology expert. In her fifth book – Break the Silence on Money Talks – Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, addresses the taboo of discussing personal finances. She provides practical tools to navigate tough conversations, understand your beliefs about wealth, communicate openly with loved ones, and tackle financial issues with aging parents and partners. Through Money Talk Challenges and real-life stories, KBK guides you towards a more financially secure and literate future.

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The Fiscal Feminist by Kimberlee Davis

Kimberlee Davis is a wealth manager and podcast host, and she shares strategies in her book to help women achieve financial wellness independently. Davis covers all the basics like how to overcome obstacles, align career choices with financial goals, secure fiscal freedom, protect your relationships, plan for retirement, mitigate risks, and invest for independence.

We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers

This is a book I wish I wrote! Rachel Rodgers is a mother of four, attorney, business owner, and self-made millionaire. She shares valuable lessons from her wealth journey and how she coaches women to seven figures incomes. She challenges the notion that earning more money is selfish, provides a historical perspective on wealth inequality, offers strategies to make empowering financial decisions, emphasizes setting higher income goals, and presents practical tips to boost your bank account quickly. Listen to this one on audible while you’re out walking. She reads the book and her sassiness and encouragement comes through every word! It will put a pep in your step for sure! 

These are my thoughts on financial literacy. It’s really about being a lifelong learner of how money works, using the resources available to you to make smart financial decisions as money concerns change or pop-up. It’s learning about and leveraging resources so that you are confident to pivot and adjust financially as you navigate your livelihood, 

Purse Strings is here for you and for all women so that they can live a financially fearless life full of choices.   

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