Taking Control of Your Financial Health with Vrinda Gupta

Ready to talk about taking control of your financial health? Vrinda Gupta, founder of Sequin: Women’s Finance Club is here to share tips on building a strong credit score, managing credit utilization, and more.


We’re excited to welcome Vrinda Gupta to the show. She is the visionary founder of Sequin, a financial platform designed to empower women on their journey to financial freedom. Vrinda shares her inspiring story with us today, starting with a rejection from a credit card she helped create to founding a women’s finance club that challenges the norms of the male-dominated financial industry.

Listen in as she sheds light on the systematic financial challenges women face and offers practical tips on building a strong credit score, managing credit utilization, and taking control of your financial health. We’ll learn how Sequin is reshaping the narrative, providing not just powerful financial tools but also a supportive community for women navigating their financial freedom journey.


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


  • Vrinda’s experience working at Visa as a product manager and being rejected for a credit card without explanation
  • The importance of building a credit score under your name
  • The systemic biases in the financial world that still affect women today
  • Vrinda’s tips for putting your best foot forward when it comes to credit
  • How Sequin came to be and what makes it different
  • The key differences between credit and debit cards



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Learn a little more about Vrinda:


Vrinda Gupta worked at Visa for years, launching popular credit cards. But when she applied for a credit card she helped develop, she was rejected. All her years of responsible payments on her debit card didn’t show up in her credit history. To big banks, she was invisible.

If you’ve ever been rejected or hit your credit limit, you know the feeling. That’s why Vrinda founded Sequin, to make sure women get the credit they deserve.

“There are too many hidden costs to being a woman, and credit shouldn’t be one of them.”


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