Ladies… Here’s to Our Health!


Ladies… Here’s to Our Health!

Why do we need a month dedicated to the heart disease in women?

Cardiologist Dr. Nieca Goldberg explains that, “because research and treatments for heart disease were historically designed for men, many women and their doctors have missed the signs and risks of heart attacks, which can be very different between the genders.”

I’ve read this many times, each time resonating more and more.

Research to determine and teach the medical field the signs of a heart attack, studied large groups of white males and defined signs of a heart attack to be shortness of breath, pain down the left arm, and pain in the chest. Yet, women would go into their doctors and complain of pain in the back of their neck or their jaw, exhaustion and an upset stomach. These women were told they were stressed and should go home and have a glass of wine, take a vacation, or better yet, be prescribed an antidepressant, only to later experience a massive, sometimes fatal, heart attack.

The same thing can happen in your financial life, with an equally devastating outcome. Women’s financial needs are different from men’s financial needs in exactly the same way that heart attack symptoms display differently. Also, just as there has been a lack of research into women-specific symptoms, there has been a disturbing lack of attention paid to what women need when it comes to financial professionals. So often financial plans or decisions are made that don’t focus on the unique needs of women, leaving them financially insolvent when it comes to their financial future.

So often financial plans or decisions are made that don’t focus on the unique needs of women.

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