Protecting Your Financial Future with Candy Wolff

Today we are honored to sit down with Candy Wolff, CEO and President of “Irreplaceably You,” mother, widow, and author of the upcoming book, Lost and Found in Mexico: A Widow’s Road to Recovery. In our conversation, she shares the tragic story of losing her husband while on vacation in Mexico, and the financial difficulties and decisions that followed.

From unexpected medical bills and funeral expenses to dealing with life insurance policies, Candy’s story highlights the importance of having open financial conversations with your partner and being prepared for the unexpected. Discover the critical steps she wishes she had taken before her husband’s passing, and why having the right resources, like Purse Strings’ Family Emergency Guide, can make all the difference in times of hardship.

Join us for a powerful conversation about protecting your financial future.


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


  • How Candy lost her husband unexpectedly on a vacation in Mexico
  • Being financially prepared for unexpected life events, such as the loss of a spouse
  • Having open and honest communication about finances within a relationship
  • The potential risks of identity theft and fraudulent activities when financial accounts remain unprotected after a loved one’s passing
  • How resources, like the Family Emergency Guide from Purse Strings, can help women prepare for unexpected financial challenges

Learn a little more about Candy:


Candy Wolff is a multi-talented professional, excelling in roles spanning marketing, sales, event management, tradeshow coordination, writing, and public speaking. Her journey began with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Communications from Montana State University Billings, equipping her with the skills and knowledge to lead as the CEO/President of “Irreplaceably You.”

Mission-Driven Professional: Candy lives by the philosophy that every day presents a choice: to pick one’s attitude and make the right choice. This personal mission guides her approach to work and life, infusing positivity, empathy, and excellence into everything she does.

A Loving Mother: Candy is not only a dynamic professional but also a devoted mother to three boys. Her nurturing spirit and dedication to her family serve as a foundation for her personal and professional success.

A Woman of Faith: Candy’s Christian faith is a cornerstone of her life, guiding her values and actions in all aspects of her journey.

Passions Beyond Work: Outside of her professional life, Candy is an avid enthusiast of working out, drawn to the invigorating power of exercise. She’s equally passionate about the ocean, sun, and sand, finding solace and inspiration by the seaside.

Author and Innovator: Candy is set to debut her literary work, “Lost and Found in Mexico,” while also gearing up for the launch of “Irreplaceably You.”


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