Appreciation – The Law of Increase

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Appreciation – The Law of Increase

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Appreciation. What do you THINK about when you hear that word? Do you envision someone thanking you for a job well done or commenting on a fine work of art? Or are you thinking about an investment or piece of real estate that has grown in value? How do you FEEL when you or someone else is acknowledged and appreciated? Appreciation is certainly a wonderful, high-vibration feeling, thought, choice, and action!
In business, leadership, and life, learning how to effectively implement this energetically valuable natural law will advance your business in every way possible. Do you want healthier, more fulfilling relationships? Do you want more awesome customers? Do you want greater profits? Do you want lower rates employee turnover? Less burnout for yourself? Do you want your wealth and assets to grow consistently and exponentially? Are you using this natural law to your advantage to be of greater service to your customers, business, community, and family?

Do you know that what you “appreciate” appreciates in value in every way?

The natural Law of Increase (Praise) is the basis for how “appreciation” works. Since everything is energy, whatever, you “praise” or give gratitude for, INCREASES! Praise for a particular thing stimulates our mind, helps “magnetize” (attract) all the good around you and also helps transform that good into visible and usable form. If this is your first time hearing about this specific law, you may need to take time to really mull this over. However, you’ve seen this law in practice since you were a small child whether or not you knew what it was called.

Praise is a complement to our faith; Praise is the application of our faith. Faith is our belief in something or God. Therefore, how do we apply this Law of Increase (Praise) in practical ways in our daily lives and business

Here are six helpful tips for implementing the Law of Increase:

1. Gratitude and Appreciation

I know, you may have heard this a million times, but are you actually actively practicing gratitude? Not just a passing “I have a good life”, but rather a deeply felt belief, feeling, and thought around all that you have been blessed with. When you look around your home, when you was the last time you felt deep gratitude for it? The kind of deep gratitude that “moves your heart” kind of appreciation? Or do you focus on the imperfections? The paint color you hate, the creaky floorboards or leaky faucet? Do you grumble every time you pay the mortgage or rent? You shortchange your own increase or appreciation each time you do this! Right now, just stop and think about your home and your favorite thing about it. Perhaps you have a beautiful tree in your backyard or you love the way the sunlight floods in your east window every morning. Give gratitude and appreciation for all that GOOD!

Now, think about your business; give thanks for your loyal customers, the opportunities you have to serve them with your unique skills, to solve problems for them or add value to them. Give appreciation for their payment to you for your goods and services. Give gratitude for the future sales your business will receive as you continue to provide top notch service and products to the community. Gratitude and appreciation moves us into a higher state of vibration and helps us lower worry and stress. It’s much easier and enjoyable to serve your customers if you aren’t stressed!

In business, we want our balance sheet to show a gain or “appreciation” on our assets and accounts. Usually those are areas that we have given attention (praise) to and actively worked on. We get excited when we see the balance sheet increase! Why not do that with other areas of our lives?

2. Blessing

Do you engage in “blessing” your life, family, friends, business, employees, customers, and community?

If you have never tried this before, be prepared to be amazed at how this will change your life! Do you have a tough negotiation coming up? Or a difficult conversation with a customer? Instead of worrying about how badly it might go, engage your thinking to something along these lines “I am so happy and grateful now that this negotiation is productive, fruitful, and helpful to both parties involved. I know that we will work out good outcomes for us all. Bless our work, our conversations, our decisions, and the words we say.” You can customize it to whatever situation you are in.

If you’ve never done this before, you may be tempted to say “this is so PollyAnna; this won’t work in the real world. You’ve never met the people I work with!” This is where you have to remember that the Natural Laws ALWAYS work, whether you have heard of them or believe in them. It’s just like the Law of Gravity. It’s a given. Trust it!

It might take a bit of practice to develop your own technique with it. Whenever I get ready to meet with a client, I always think about some of the best qualities that person has or the potential I see in them. I bless those attributes and ask for them to have increase in their lives. I ask that I can give them the best of my skills and talents. Your customers KNOW energetically when you are working in their best interests! This does not mean violating any boundaries or giving away things for free, but truly being of service to them.

If you are a business owner, leader, or employee, do you bless your team of employees? Or do you just think of all the problems you have to deal with because of them? Do you honestly take time to praise them for the things they do well? A person who feels appreciated will be a much better employee! Of course, the praise must be sincere and appropriate. If you haven’t been in the habit on praising or thanking your team, you might be pleasantly surprised about how this helps change things for the better over time as you consistently engage in it. This does not mean excusing bad behavior, but you can always find something good in each person on your team.

Give gratitude for and bless your health, your family, your wealth! Whatever you praise will increase in your life!

3. Give Up Worrying and Complaining.

Seriously – STOP IT! If you increase your worry, your grumblings, complaints, and low vibration negative thoughts and feelings, you WILL get more of them as the Law of Praise(Increase) always increases whatever you praise. It works in reverse too, so it’s is doubly powerful that you stop complaining and worrying. If you find yourself with a negative thought, stop yourself and refresh it with a positive soundtrack that is life giving.

4. Change Your Thinking

Do you think in terms of increase or decrease? Do you see things through a lens of scarcity or abundance? Don’t be tempted to sugar coat it one way or the other. Just acknowledge to yourself where you really are in your thinking about all areas of your life. For example, I have some areas of my own business that I can easily think about all the good that is and will be happening. But, I also have a couple of segments where I still have deep doubts as to whether or not it will happen or if I’m up for a particular change or task. Those areas aren’t producing as well yet. I need to increase my praise, blessing, belief, and think more positively about. Nothing will change unless I do first! How empowering it is to know that we have the choice and ability to do this in our lives!

5. Self Appreciation

Do you actually value and appreciate yourself? Do you say it but don’t actually live it out? As entrepreneurs, we often work months without a day off. Why do we do that? Do you bless the skills and talents that you bring to the business? Do you work on your own personal growth? Do you take care of your health and relationships? Do you still have a quiet, but deeply subversive belief that you aren’t good enough? This belief will sabotage your efforts at self appreciation, so do the work you need to do to unpack what’s holding that belief in you so you can change it. If you don’t honor these things, there will not be any increase in these areas, which will eventually lead to burnout and the de-railment of your dreams, your health, and your business.

6. Praise the Ideal Future | State Your Desire

We all have dreams and goals that we want to have fulfilled, and the sooner the better right? I don’t know about you, but I want all my dreams to happen NOW! I DESIRE all the good, the fun, the fulfillment, and accomplishment of what I have been dreaming of, working on, and creating to be PRESENT now! Don’t you? One of the ways to get the higher energy moving around your goals, is to praise them in their ideal future state. For example, if your business desires to serve 100 clients in the first 6 months of the year, then give gratitude and blessing for that now! You can say something such as “I am so happy and grateful now that my business has served 100 customers well in the first six months of the year! It has been such a pleasure helping them and I am so grateful for great increase in money, times, and goals reached from that service.” Write your own from the state of the wish fulfilled. Do this daily, consistently until you see it come to fruition. Keep the faith, praise and bless it, and then take action. Remember, What you appreciate, Appreciates!

May Grace, Peace, and Abundance be upon your path!


Karen Smith

Karen Smith

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