Tackling Debt With Confidence with Vikki Zacchilli

Oct 3, 2023

Debt is a four letter word that can evoke a lot of emotions. Whether you’re working to pay off student loans, recently purchased a home or are facing unexpected medical bills, debt is a part of many of our financial stories. While the word can be intimidating and even bring on feelings of guilt and shame, today’s guest is here to remind us that it does not have to define your long-term financial success. In fact, when used intentionally, debt can actually be used as a tool for personal and financial growth. Listen in as we talk about tackling debt with confidence!

We so excited to introduce Vikki Zacchilli, the owner and financial coach behind Minted Mindset. She spent 12 years in corporate finance until her desire to make a direct impact on others’ lives became too strong to ignore. Through her own debt free journey of paying off $77K in 18 months, Vikki learned the value of personal finance and education on the lives of women and families. Today she coaches clients on reaching their full potential through financial literacy, money mindset, and organization.

Join us for a great conversation with Vikki, as she discusses the pivotal moments and mindset shifts that led to her personal debt free journey. We’ll talk about negotiating for salary increases, finding the right debt repayment method, maintaining a balance between financial discipline and enjoying life, and more.

Listen in as Vikki shares her story and shows that, while debt may accumulate, it is not insurmountable. With proper planning, commitment, and a change in mindset, you can successfully pay off your debt and achieve financial freedom!


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


  • Choosing a payment method that resonates with you and keeps you motivated
  • Striking a balance between paying off debt and maintaining some level of lifestyle comfort
  • Overcoming shame and guilt associated with debt
  • Strategies for increasing income and negotiating for raises
  • Having open and honest communication with your partner about your financial goals + working together as a team


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