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SISTERS ARE DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES! Financial planning for women on their own. Stephanie McCullough
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ENTREPRENEURSHIP: THE ULTIMATE MULTI-TASK. Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes Business-Owners Make. Tracey Bissett video play icon   message 3 icon
COLLEGE ON SALE How to get the best education for your kid at the lowest price.Vicki Vollweiler video play icon   message 3 icon
NO FIGHTING, KIDS! Estate Planning to keep your adult kids out of the courtroom. Carissa Look video play icon target icon message 3 icon
OKAY LADIES, LET’S GET IN FORMATION. How to organize and keep life’s most important documents. Sue McQueen      
ALTERNATIVE DIVORCE Three ways to keep it out of court. Anna Krolikowska      message 3 icon
YOUNG WIDOWS What comes next. Linda Lingo




10 Ways to Own Your Finances Like a Badass!
Does Your Financial Professional Add Up?  
Net Worth target icon
S.M.A.R.T. Goals  
Cash Flow/Budget  
Snowball Debt Paydown  




Navigating the Grey Divorce Michelle Lawless      
Getting Divorced? Know these top 10 things about Life and Long Term Care Insurance before Signing Dina Mabry
3 Things you Can Do Today to Have Positive Money Conversations Cheri Morris      
Contemplating Divorce? Here’s what you need to know! Donna Kline      


Money Mindset

7 Habits of Millionaires Larry Sprung      
Women Like You: The Money Challenges we Face Corrie Mitchell      
Releasing the 5 Biggest Money Blocks Holding you Back Dawn Santoriello      
How to get your financial shit together Brenda Bridges
Money stories: Emotion and Mindset Patty Gale      
Stop Should-ing Yourself Peggy Haslach      
The Relationship of Health and Wealth Kristen Hafner      
Gaining Financial Freedom: -$120K to +350K in my 20s Marita Hansen      
Women, Shame, Guilt, Fear and Money Brenda Bridges      
4 Steps to Create an Ideal Life Map Lauren LaForge      
Tips for Being Intentional to Design the Life You Want! Linda Lingo
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Real Estate

Covid and Contemplating Selling Alison Clay-Duboff      
Understanding and Negotiating your Offer in a Seller’s Market Aleta C Saunders      
Real Estate Highlights Terri Copeland      
Top Home Buying Questions Answered Matthew Shanlian      
Real Estate Questions: Be Prepared to Decide Quickly Michelle Schroeder      
Staging your Home Connie Barhorst
5 Things to Get Your Home Ready for Sale Debbie Glickman      


Investing Sibyl Slade
Lets Start Investing Steve Saldino video play icon target icon  
Building a Responsible Future Beth Wahlig      
Take Charge: Self Directed IRA Brittany Melville      


The 5 Must Do’s Before You Say ‘I Do’ Terrell Dinkins
Improve your Relationships. Improve Your Life Stephanie Macadaan video play icon   message 3 icon
Signs of Financial Abuse Taryn Fisher video play icon target icon  

Life and Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Dina Mabry      
My Harrowing Tale: Why Everyone Needs Life Insurance Elizabeth Moss      
Life insurance 101 Dina Mabry      
Life Insurance: A Gift to Your Family Tina Hurst      
Elder Care Cathy Sikorski      

Social Security & Medicare/Medicaid

Medicare – Nothing to Worry About JoAnne Giardini-Russell      
Healthcare Pitfalls and Alzheimer’s Dawn McFarland      
Social Security Beau Henderson      



Retirement Roadblocks Carol Anderson      
Required Minimum Distribution and 10 Year Rule Jing Wang      
Do I have Enough to Make it Through Retirement? Lyndsey Monahan      
Safe, Secure, and Fun Retirement Samantha Sennett      
401K 101 Gigi Verrey      
What Happens After the Paycheck Stops? Deborah Gabriel      
How Much Do I need To Retire? Linda Lingo      




Estate and Trust 101 Carissa Look      
Wills, Trust and Power of Attorney Anna Krolikowska      
How Come No One Ever Told Me? Amber Saunders      

Special Needs

Planning for Children with Special Needs Deb Purcell      
Planning for Family Members with IDDS Liz Yoder      

Business Owner

Starting Your Sidehustle Jessica Williams

Your business. Your Legacy Sibyl Slade
Budgeting for the Self Employed Lindy Venustus video play icon   message 3 icon



How to Pay Down that Darn Debt Stacey Swanson      
What is Debt Elimination? Darrell Hickerson      
Ways to Pay Down College Debt Stacey Swanson      
Build and Repair Credit Marla Barch video play icon    
How to Save Money on the Price of College Vicki Vollwlier      

Financial Professionals


4-1-1 How Financial Professionals Help Women Feel Secure about their Financial Future Sue McQueen      
Overwhelmed with Your Money Situation? How a Money Coach can Help! Linda Lingo      
WTF is a Financial Planner? Brian Haney