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Rewrite Your Money Story

Let’s dive into a conversation about something that’s near and dear to my heart and yours — money. Yep, that green stuff, the moolah, the cha-ching! It’s time to chat about the business of reframing your money mindset and unlocking a world of financial empowerment.

Our money stories begin with covert messages from society, family, and culture that subtly influence us every day. Case in point: the persistent gender pay gap, hinting at the idea that women’s financial contributions come second.  Or, ads that pigeonhole women as consumers over wealth-builders, not to mention all the “girls are bad with math” baloney.  But guess what? It’s time to turn up the volume on our own voices and redefine the financial narrative written just for us.

It’s just not true – acknowledging our money stories isn’t just about counting pennies; it’s about reclaiming our power. When we unpack the stories we’ve been told, we get to flip the script and create a new tale — one where we’re the heroines of our financial journey.

At Purse Strings, we call out the systems and messaging designed to keep women underserved and ill-informed. Knowledge is the ultimate power. Now, women have a one-stop shop where they can dive into the world of personal finance, investments, and economic trends. Read through our blogs or expert advice to learn one topic at a time. 

We are here to crush gendered stereotypes. Success doesn’t have a gender, and financial prowess is your birthright. Let’s break the mold and show the world that women excel at everything, especially money matters! Besides, there is proof that women are better investors than men!

So, let’s get you rocking your financial dreams by setting clear goals that align with your dreams and desires. Grab our SMART Goals worksheet and make your 2024 goals more than just a wish! Whether it’s a travel fund, an investment portfolio, or treating yourself to something special, we can help you make those dreams a reality.

You are the average of the five people who surround you so join a tribe that cheers on your financial wins. Join our Facebook community and dive into conversations that lift you higher. Your money journey is more fun when you’ve got a network of supporters cheering you on!

Attending to your financial well-being is self-love in action. Regular check-ins, celebrations to treat yo self,  and a dash of self-compassion during financial hiccups – that’s the recipe for a love affair with your money.

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    Ladies, your money story is YOURS to write. We are here to help you toss out the old scripts, so pick up your pens and craft future of financial choices that are your own. Start today so you can live a life of financial freedom on your own terms.