Featured on Real Wealth Real Health|Being a Financially Fearless Woman

Even though women are responsible for more than $23 trillion in annual household spending and will inherent $30 trillion in the next 7-10 years, the financial industry continues to overlook and underserve them. Dr. Barbara Provost grew tired of seeing this same problem affecting the women around her and shape her work as a financial educator. So, she took action. In this episode, Barbara shares the inspiration behind her company, Purse Strings. She and AdaPia discuss how women can build a strong financial foundation for themselves and their communities, the different messages that men and women receive about money and power, and how these messages can lead to shame and fear – until we examine them, and choose more empowering ones. 

Dr. Barbara Provost is the founder of Purse Strings, a business development service introducing women who seek financial advice to service providers who understand their unique needs. The company also offers a breadth of free educational resources designed to help every woman, regardless of her financial situation. Barbara has 20+ years of experience as an educational consultant to the banking and insurance industries and is passionate about using that expertise to equip and empower women.