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1. Do you require clients who are married or partnered to attend meetings together?
2.Do you volunteer for any female-led / oriented organizations?
3. Do you have a process where female clients can text, email, or leave you a voicemail as needed?
4. Do you end a conversation with your female clients and know something personal about them like the names of their children, where they work, or if they have a special event coming up?
5. Do you ask your female clients how they want to be addressed? (i.e., by their first name or surname)?
6. Do you have a designated parking space for moms-to-be and new moms?
7. Does your initial conversation provide time to document her concerns, goals, lifestyle, and challenges?
8. Could you articulate 3 ways how women make different purchasing decisions than men?
9. Do you know how much money will come into the hands of women by the end of the decade?
10. Does your current client base consist of 50% women?
11. Do you know the first thing women consider when making financial decisions? (hint – it’s not ROI.)