Purse Strings

Empowering Women with Free Financial Tools and Education for a Fearless Future

Purse Strings was created to give women a trusted resource with access to free online financial tools, education, and resources to help them make smart financial decisions for themselves, their families, and their businesses.

For far too long, women have been an overlooked market by the financial industry. Women reported that their financial advisors “don’t even look at me.” It’s no wonder 80% of women leave their financial advisor within a year of becoming widowed. And this number has gone up!!

The impact of being ignored by financial institutions, the pay gap, and career pauses for caregiving, compounded by the barrage of poor money messages given to women, have impacted women’s ability to plan for a financially fearless future.

This all stops with Purse Strings. Our mission is clear: Equip women with free online tools, education, and available-for-hire trusted financial professionals so women can make informed financial choices for themselves, their families, and their businesses.

Women are not a niche market; they ARE the market, representing 51% of the market, currently in control of $23 trillion, and they stand on the precipice of history’s largest wealth transfer. 

Purse Strings isn’t just about financial empowerment; it’s about rewriting the narrative for generations of women. We’re shattering the chains of financial dependency, ensuring every woman possesses the knowledge, tools, and resources to craft her secure and independent future.

We’re reshaping destinies, from grandmothers to mothers and daughters, ushering in a universal reality of financial freedom and fearless retirement. Join us on this transformative journey toward a brighter, self-reliant future.

The time has come for women to take the reins of their financial destiny. Purse Strings is the gateway to financial freedom —your journey begins here.