Purse Strings Press Kit


About Purse Strings

What is Purse Strings?
Purse Strings is a way financial organizations can learn how to bridge the gap between what they provide women and what women need from these organizations. 

Purse Strings is a model unlike anything on the market today; it educates both women how to become financially fearless and the financial industry on how to reach, engage, and earn the female dollar.

For Women

Purse Strings offers accessible guidance and tools for women to make informed decisions about their financial future.

Purse Strings provides information and resources to its community of women on financial topics such as planning for retirement, buying a house, purchasing insurance or deciding on whether to keep the house when going through a divorce.

Events & Networking
Purse Strings offers small events regionally and nationally as well as in conjunction with college campuses to mix the social aspects of a happy hour with targeted, accessible financial empowerment and education. #selfcareforyourwallet

A Database of Vetted Financial Professionals
Know what you need? Purse Strings can connect you with a vetted, Purse Strings Approved Professional to take the next step and implement your plan to be financially fearless!

That’s right, all online access to our community members is FREE.



For Financial Professionals

Purse Strings provides the curriculum and training to reach, engage, and earn the female dollar, 22 trillion dollars of potential earning power.

By becoming a “Purse Strings Approved” professional, the Purse Strings community will be able to identify you as a trusted source who is trained and vetted to serve the female consumer.

Promotion & Marketing
Every time Purse Strings is recognized and promoted, you are recognized and promoted. All marketing materials will drive traffic to the Purse Strings website, and in turn, on to you.

A Referral Service & Sales Pipeline
Once you become “Purse Strings Approved” you will have your own professional webpage on the Purse Strings site. Our community members can easily view your picture, learn your location, and read about the services you provide. They can also send an email directly to you with one click of a button.

Yes, to become Purse Strings Approved, there is a fee for training and a fee to apply for the vetting process. If the professional passes the vetting process and is Purse Strings Approved there is an annual membership fee.

Executive Bio

No stranger to hard work and challenges, the Founder of Purse Strings LLC, Barbara Provost, has leveraged her strong experience, active research, and continuous data gathering activities, to solve a problem. Barbara found that women are consistently overlooked by financial organizations, to the tune of leaving a possible 22-trillion dollars of untapped sales on the table. Not only is this buying power being ignored for lack of tailoring to women, this powerful demographic is underserved and under-planned for their financial future. With that sole purpose in mind, Barbara developed expertise on what these institutions need to reach and engage women, creating the first empowerment, education, and training tool to earn the vast spending power of the female dollar

In addition to Purse Strings, Barbara Provost is President of Provost Consulting Inc. She and her team have decades of experience working with insurance and financial organizations developing training programs that make learners competent and confident in the work that they do.

She believes, “When those who work within organizations are able to perform their roles at top performance – the whole organization is successful.”


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