Purse String Approved Providers

You are now a Purse Strings Approved Provider and should feel invigorated that you are prepared to tap into the over 22 Trillion dollar market, women! Here are some ways you can show off being a Purse Strings Approved Provider!

Social Media - Holiday's

Social media post for female-centric holidays

  1. February 13th – National Women’s Day
  2. March 1st – First day of Women’s History month
  3. March – National Credit Education month
  4. March 8th – International Women’s Day
  5. June 28th – National insurance Awareness Day
  6. August 26th – Women’s Equality Day
  7. September 22th – Business Women’s Day
  8. Equal Payday – Varies each year; date depends on the wage gap that year.

Adding Purse String Approved Provider to your license and Certifications

Go to your linked in profile. 

At the top right, click Add Profile Section

Select License and Certifications

Name: Purse strings Approved Provider

Issuing Organization: Purse Strings

Issue Date: The date you received your certification

Expiration Date: One year from receiving your certification

Credential ID: None

Credential URL: PurseStrings.co

Hit save!

For standard LinkedIn Settings, changes to licenses and certifications are not automatically posted to your network. 

Here’s a post to share your achievements and share with others how big this market is you have now discovered!

1. I am always learning about our industry and recently came across information that shows how women are a 20-trillion dollar market. And, they are woefully underserved by our industry. I delved into this stat and learned all about this valuable market and what women want and need from us and our industry. Not only that, but I made many changes to my practice and was recently certified as a Purse Strings Approved provider. Check out my page here (__Page Link_) and learn what I am doing to serve the most powerful market on the planet.

2. I found the answer to gaining and retaining more clients. It’s all about how to serve the most powerful market on the planet — WOMEN! I thought I already knew, but once I rolled up my sleeves and really dug in, I could see areas where I could do better…. and I made changes! Through Purse Strings, I learned all about the female market, how they’ve been woefully overlooked by the insurance industry, and what they want and need from their financial professional. Purse Strings showed me how women make purchases and interact very differently than men when making financial purchases.  Yet, when provided all they want and need, they will be very loyal clients. By improving my practices and helping my clients reach their own financially fearless future my business will continue to grow. Learn more about my certificate here!

3. Reach, engage, and really know what to do to earn your client’s trust! I learned all of this at Purse Strings and now I am a certified Purse Strings Approved Professional. This means I learned all about the female market and what they want and need from their financial professional. Then, I did the work. I assessed my business practices and made changes in areas that needed work. Now, Purse Strings promotes me and my business to their vast community of women. Check out my page on the Purse Strings site and see what I am doing differently to help my female clients create a healthy financial future. (_Page Link_)

Lastly, here is a small blurb you can put in the About section on your LinkedIn. This way, whenever someone reads your profile they know that you have the expertise to engage and serve the female market, making you stand out from your competition. 

1. Purse Strings Approved Professional Certification: Trained and vetted to serve the female market. My goal is to help bridge the gap between insurance and financial industries and women, so they can live a financially fearless lifestyle.

2. I am certified as a Purse Strings Approved Professional! This means  I invested my time to properly equip myself, my team, and my business practices to serve the female market and the diverse demographic they represent.

3. Purse Strings Approved: Certified in helping women, and the diverse demographic they represent,  build their own wonderfully unique financial future.


On your website, add being a Purse Strings Approved Provider to your qualifications, education, and About You page. The graphics provided are to go on any webpage, social media, or handout where you want to show you are Purse Strings Approved. Here are a couple of website placement ideas to get you started. 

Do you have a resource page? Here is an infographic that you can share with your customers. Whether they want to get free financial education or learn more about your certificate, all the information will be there. Along with posting the graphic, here is a link to have the user click to.  www.pursestrings.co