Featured on Money Talk with Skyler Fleming | The Financial World for Women with Maggie Nielsen

In today’s episode, we are talking about the financial world for women with Maggie Nielsen. She is a partner with Purse Strings and is all about helping women be financially fearless. We are going to talk about why women may be behind financially, how women are talked to about money, how to have health money talks, how women can ensure they are in a good financial position, as well as money in a marriage for women. There are a lot of great questions and thank you to Maggie for coming on this episode and being willing to share her insights. This was a topic that I was really interested in and wanted to learn more about so I think you are going to be able to take away a lot of good information from this one.

The Money Talking points for today’s episode are:

1. What are some ways that you think women are talked to differently about money than men?

2. How can you make sure all money talks are fair and available to everyone?