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What to Consider

When you envision your post-work years, how do you imagine it? Do you want to devote time to artistic endeavors? Do you want to travel? Maybe you imagine relaxing in a cottage on the beach. Prepare to live your vision; your retirement is a strategy that needs to be planned and documented. Here are some things you will want to think about as you maneuver through your pre-retirement years.


    • Am I saving consistently for retirement? Could I save even a little bit more? A little sacrifice now will go a long way to provide the retirement you want.
    • Is there a retirement benefit I am missing? Does my company, or my partner’s company, offer a match program?
    • If I were to draw a picture of what I want my retirement years to look like and how I want to spend my time, will there be enough funds to live that way? If not, what do I need to do to make sure I can?
    • If I choose to stay at home to care for a child or ill relative, what are the financial trade-offs? What are some options to ensure I don’t lose out on saving for my retirement?
    • Are there skills I need to learn or tweak to be sure I am still employable after age 65? How can I continue to keep my skills relevant in a changing work environment?
    • Am I a part of every conversation that impacts the household finances? Do I know all of the income in my household, what monies are going to my/our retirement, debt, car insurance coverage, life insurance, and investments?
    • Am I leveraging all of the resources possible – like Purse Strings – to continue to learn all I can about retirement and investing? Where else could I look? What else could I learn?
    • What is my backup plan in case of unforeseen circumstances like divorce, loss of a partner, or being unable to work?