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How to Build a Regret-Free Financial Future in 2024

In a Forbes Advisor survey, Americans said that their biggest financial regret is not saving enough money for retirement, which has caused great stress!

It goes on to say that they regret not taking advantage of high-yield savings accounts and taking on too much debt.

And unfortunately, most of them went to friends or family for financial advice, with less than half using a financial advisor.

We are here to say shit happens, but regret can be changed by taking simple actions, working with experts, and putting yourself first!

Purse Strings is here to cheer you on in 2024. The year with no regrets!

The best time to start was yesterday, and the second best time is today! We are here to help you build a financial future full of choices. That’s what we are all about here at Purse Strings. Here are the first four baby steps to tip-toe across the pond to the other side of financial freedom.

First, download the Where is my money going? Worksheet. Invest the time to complete this worksheet to the best of your ability. Use real numbers – not just guestimates. You know what they say: garbage in is garbage out. We want hard-core numbers. You will then understand your monthly cash flow, what comes in, and what goes out. (There’s also so much magic when it comes to pen and paper if this option is available to you, but we get it is 2024; we all don’t have printers)

Then, look at any extras, unknowns, and unaligned payments. This is the exciting part. It’s finding where your money goes and whether it is aligned with who you want to be. Grab a big ‘old highlighter and highlight where your money is going that you a) didn’t know about, b) was not necessary, or c) realize it is not helping you reach your goals. This is money you can reallocate to build your financial future.  Highlight all of the money you can reign in and add it up.

Now, make your money work for you. Listen to our latest podcast with Verida and open a high-yield savings account at Sequin. Set up an auto transfer of funds to be deposited to this account on a regular basis. This is where you take the money leaks you found in your cash flow and will now stream to your bank account, and then get paid for it!

Last, reach out to one of our Financial Coaches or Financial Advisors for a free 20-minute consultation. They are experts who will help you build a healthy financial future. We have specialists who can help you with student loans, divorce financials, retirement income, and life planning, just to name a few. Invest in these professionals like you would pay your doctor, dentist, or hairdresser. Not sure who to go to? Start here with this simple survey!

This is just the beginning. Imagine a year from now when your feelings are of pride, joy, and financial freedom. 

Let’s get started.