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How Do I Protect my Investments from Climate Change?

Joann North

, CFPAnswered By

Gabrielle Mollick, CFP®, CSRIC™

Financial Advisor at Mever Advisors


How Do I Protect my Investments from Climate Change?


With extreme weather events at an all-time high and continuing to rise, homeowners, businesses, and communities are experiencing more loss. Anyone shopping for homeowners insurance in Flordia will tell you the near-impossible rates due to the increased frequency of extreme weather. Costs related to floods, droughts, and wildfires are on the rise. Investors are growing keen on ways they can protect their portfolios from climate change.
There are methods to evaluate a company’s ESG Score – Enviornemental, Social, Goverance. The ESG ranking methodology is designed to help mitigate risk in these areas. There are now effective, diversified, and low-cost strategies that any investor can access. Talk to your investment advisor about ways your portfolio can be optimized!   

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