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How do I broach mediation to my spouse?

Joann North

Answered By

Brian James

Divorce Mediator and Parenting Coordinator at C.E.L. & Associates, Inc.


How do I broach mediation to my spouse?



This is a tough question I get asked a lot. Though there are many benefits to mediation, what entices people the most is the cost savings and length of time it takes to get divorced through mediation. Roughly 50% of my clients will complete the mediation process in 2-3 months and spend around $2,000. Once mediation is done, the court process is reduced to 1-2 months versus 1-2 years when people litigate. Also, when people work with a mediator, they are paying one person to work for both of them, ensuring their agreements are equitable, appropriate and in their children’s best interests.

Also, and more important than the above is that mediate focuses on the children’s best interests and keep them out of court, where in litigation they can become pawns. This is and should be the number one reason people mediate.