I am so proud of Purse String’s growing list of achievements. As any entrepreneur knows, when you start a project, you do so boldly and confidently – planning it will be triumphant. I have had the good fortune of creating and partaking in many successful ventures throughout my career.

When I designed Purse Strings it was different. My motivation was sparked by the lack of honest, grassroots financial advice, and the remarkable scarcity of available resources for women. A 14 trillion-dollar industry that was perpetually being underserved.

I dove into this realization full-force and committed to changing the script. Pulling together the stats and figures from intense research, I mapped out my blueprint. In partnership with of some of the most widely regarded and respected financial experts available today, I developed a place where women from all walks of life can come together, to lean on and learn from one another.

Women are greatly underprepared for their financial future.The difference between vulnerability and security is knowledge, combined with proper planning. There isn’t a magic formula; no one-size-fits-all. The puzzle pieces fit differently based on many factors (such as age) and circumstances (like divorce).

I spoke about the critical need for change in my interview with Cindy Taylor from FintekNews. Produced by veteran media and financial experts, Finteknews offers readers a quick overview of trending stories from the world of Fintech. Cindy and I discussed Purse Strings, the obstacles for women – brought on by an unsympathetic financial industry, and the specific challenges faced by the female entrepreneurs of today.

The data is very clear and there are solutions. We need access to the proper financial resources; we must have more women represented in the leadership roles they so justly deserve. Leveraging the power of our natural abilities to negotiate, we can change our relationship with money and investing; charting and securing our own financial course.

As a collective, we will continue to make great strides to level the playing field for us and the women of tomorrow. Through financial tools, expert guidance and the power of our unified voices, Purse Strings is determined to spread information, build fortitude and change the landscape.

I want us to pave this road together!

We have seen amazing businesses created by women and we are teaching young girls the value of entrepreneurship.

– Dr. Barbara Provost