Question for you…

What if you could breathe a sense of relief knowing your finances are on track and you are in charge of your financial future in the span of just 3 days?

Or let me rephrase that…


Finances are the foundations of our lives.

Money is a tool that all of us need to learn how to use – but unfortunately, we were not taught this life skill in school. This led us to make mistakes, feel regret and guilt, and sometimes shame.

This all goes away when women learn how to take charge of their finances and learn how to make the best financial decisions for themselves and their family.

Here’s the problem…


You know that in order to be in charge of your financial future, you need to have your finances on track.



However, you're constantly second guessing yourself and asking questions like...

  • Where do I get started?
  • How come I have never learned this before?
  • What do I really need to know about money?
  • Finances seem complicated. Will I understand this?

Can you imagine?


✔️ Knowing exactly where your money is always going?

✔️ Having “set it and forget it” automations that keep your savings and payments on track, all the while making leaps and bounds toward your financial goals.

✔️ In short, having a plan your future self will thank you for!


 If you want to learn how to get your finances on track and headed in the right direction, I have something for you…


Financial Foundations Course for Women

A step-by-step program, guided by videos and worksheets that teach you where you are financially today, and what you can do to achieve your own financial goals for the future of your dreams

Here is what other women said about

Financial Foundations Course for Women

“The course was a good experience. I knew my finances weren’t the best and it helped guide me to write everything down - my expenses and income - so I could clearly see what I needed to do. At 59, I never expected to be worried about...
Cindy, 59
“As a young professional, Purse Strings helped me learn more about my financial state. I recently graduated from college and started earning a salary. This was a very helpful course for me to better understand where all my money is going and how much I should be...
Emma, 24
“I learned a lot about the basics of finances. We went line by line through our paycheck and looked at all the deductions, so I know where my money is being allocated. I recommend this course for anyone who needs an understanding of the basics of money...
Taylor, 26

Here’s How it all breaks down

You will learn how to:


Describe every deduction from your paycheck so that you know who takes money from it, and why.


If you have an employer 401(k), learn the benefits of this amazing investment so that you reap the benefits full force!


Go through the actions of configuring your monthly cash flow and financial net worth so that you can run through these figures on your own, whenever you want.


Implement strategies to finally tackle your debt so that you can finally get those debts off your worry list.


Get your emergency fund going so that you can be stress free when an unexpected expense comes along.


Create your own financial strategies so that you can achieve a life of your dreams.


Trust in yourself so that you can make smart financial decisions on your own.


Breakdown money mindsets so that they are NOT holding you back anymore.


Know your choices so that you can create a solid financial foundation of your own.

What makes the Financial Foundations Course for Women different?

This course was created by women for women.

Let’s face it; women have been woefully underserved – even held back – by the financial systems in place. 


We want all women to have access to skills and knowledge needed to put themselves first and get smart about money.

Buy it, try it, apply it.

You’re backed by our 100% money-back guarantee.


Nice to meet you!

Hi 👋🏻 I’m Dr. Barb

Founder of Purse Strings and the expert behind the Financial Foundations Course for Women and Purse Strings.

As an adult educator and consultant to the financial industry I saw first hand how women were lagging behind financially due to the fact that were not given the skills and resources to be financially independent. But, women live longer, many will divorce or be widowed, and most will age alone. I created this course to give all women the tools they need to live a financially fearless life.

Hello 👋🏻 I’m Maggie 


The partner behind the Financial Foundations Course for Women and Purse Strings.

Through my education and work in Purse Strings I was deeply moved by the stories women shared about their fears and disappointments around money. I want my peers to step out on the right foot with all the financial tools and resource to make great financial choices as they begin to navigate their lives.

We’ll see you inside!


Barb and Maggie

You have questions.

we have answers.

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You are a women who is ready to start now to get her finances in order so she can feel in control and in charge of her own, independent, financial future.

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