Are You Ready to Take Charge of Your Financial Future?

Online Course For Women Who Want to Fearlessly Manage Their Finances!

In This Course You Will Learn How To:


Review your paycheck and what every part means


Invest your money through your employer’s 401(k)


Determine your net worth. (Assets minus debts – we’ll figure out that number.)


Pay down debt faster


Build an emergency fund, even with a tight budget


Create financial goals and dreams for yourself!


Trust yourself to make smart financial decisions


Change your beliefs about money so you feel confident about managing it


Believe financial security also means choices!

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Are you ready to experience a deep sense of relief knowing your finances are on track? Financially Fearless Foundations for Women will teach you how to make plans, set goals, and be ready to move ahead once you’ve completed the course. It’s time to feel empowered by your accomplishments – you deserve it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s Time to Get Confident About Making

Financial Decisions


This course will teach you how to maximize your income by seeing what is coming in and going out through our short videos and worksheets.


You need a budget, emergency savings, financial goals, and the right insurance to protect you in an emergency. Let’s get these steps done – together.


Whatever the circumstances, letting others control the flow and power of your money is over. Today you start learning how to manage your own financial success story.

You’re in charge of your financial future. Let’s go!


Learn And Apply The Foundational Skills You Need In This Course. Get access to our FB Page To Continue The Discussion With Other Women.


Know Your Net Worth


No More Doubts About Your Financial Future


Start With The Basics and Build Your Goals

For Women

Learn From Other Women About Good Financial Decisions
Instant access to our insightful course around your schedule.

What They say about us

“The course was a good experience. I knew my finances weren’t the best and it helped guide me to write everything down - my expenses and income - so I could clearly see what I needed to do. At 59, I never expected to be worried about...
Cindy, 59
“As a young professional, Purse Strings helped me learn more about my financial state. I recently graduated from college and started earning a salary. This was a very helpful course for me to better understand where all my money is going and how much I should be...
Emma, 24
“I learned a lot about the basics of finances. We went line by line through our paycheck and looked at all the deductions, so I know where my money is being allocated. I recommend this course for anyone who needs an understanding of the basics of money...
Taylor, 26

Your Financially Fearless Foundations Instructors and Founder

Dr. Barbara Provost

Founder of Purse Strings, knows how to solve a problem. She and her team have decades of experience working with insurance and financial organizations developing training programs. She believes women are facing changes through increased education, better income opportunities, entrepreneurship, and more.

Women can learn how to be active participants in financial conversations about their future. Consider these factors: women typically live longer than men and they face critical life changes when they get married, have children, become divorced or widowed, health issues, and retirement. This is why Barbara

used her expertise to create the first empowerment, education, and training tool on how women can become financially fearless.

Maggie Nielsen

COO of Purse Strings, has been an integral part of the business from the beginning. She started as a scribe, gathering notes at focus groups, and was deeply moved by the stories women shared about their fears, disappointments, insecurities, and troubles, all stemming from their lack of knowledge, skill, and support in managing their money.

A graduate of Loyola University with an MBA in Data Analytics, Maggie oversees all technology, systems, processes, and procedures at Purse Strings. She also handles their Sales and Outreach programs. Maggie believes it is her mission to encourage women to come to the table and create their own financial stories so they can live fearless lives.

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