Resources for Women

At Purse Strings, we are dedicated to educating women on money and finance, but we’re not alone in this mission!
In fact, here are some excellent resources that we wanted to share with you.

 College Money Tips


Are you completely lost during the college search process? College Money Tips offers a way to navigate it all, from the admission process to building relationships, with money tips built-in. The founder, Melissa Brock, taps into 12 years of college admission experience. She knows how and why so many moms struggle with the college search process and loves streamlining it in an interesting way. Melissa is also the Money editor at Benzinga, where she dives into her love of personal finance to deliver money education content for all women!


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ChangEd is a simple solution that automates student loan debt repayment

Student loans are a heavy, but sometimes a necessary burden. ChangEd helps you pay yours off years sooner, saving you thousands of dollars in interest. For $1/month, ChangEd makes it effortless by rounding up your everyday purchases to the next dollar and setting aside your spare change for principal payments. Once the ‘spare change’ adds up to $100, that payment is automatically transferred to your loan and applied to the principal. No budgeting or thinking or added work on your part!


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