Resources for All

At Purse Strings, we are dedicated to educating women on money and finance, but we’re not alone in this mission!
In fact, here are some excellent resources that we wanted to share with you.

 Top Tier Advisor

This EXCLUSIVE ONLINE COMMUNITY gives advisors the tools, resources & know-how needed to grow their practice!

It’s all in there:

  • Video Masterclasses
  • Practice Management Strategies
  • Tip Sheets & Action Plans
  • Best Practices
  • A Private Online Community

Here are just a few of the practice areas that Top Tier Advisor guides you in:

Client Engagement
Target Marketing
Community Involvement
Office Operations
Strategic Planning
Personal Growth
Professional Development
Industry Resources & Affiliates
….and TONS more!  

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(203) 906-7266

   Juli McNeely


Financial Advisor & the owner of Juli McNeely Consulting.
Imagine being a highly valued part of an industry that lets you use the skills and attributes that come naturally to you as a woman to earn an exceptional living and spend ample time with your family—by helping others find more security and greater peace of mind for theirs.



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(715) 659-4255

selling in a skirt        Judy Hoberman

Author, Financial Coach, Sales Expert & President of Selling In A Skirt.

Judy Hoberman, President of Selling In A Skirt, is an International Speaker, TEDx speaker, Trainer, Executive Coach, Mentor, Radio Show Host, and Author. She is an advocate for women.

Judy’s mission…to help her clients live the S.K.I.R.T. philosophy – Standing Out, Keys to Success, Inspiring Others, Results-Oriented, and Time Management…while having fun.

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(203) 605-3635  

          A Woman’s Way

By: Michelle R. Donovan & Patty Kreamer


A Woman’s Way spells out how female financial advisors can be successful in a male-dominated industry despite the barriers they face.

Discover how this book empowers women to capitalize on their natural strengths as women to build a thriving practice based on leadership, relationships, confidence and authenticity.

Female financial advisors who read this book will enhance their productivity and grow their practice comfortably by leveraging their relationships to ultimately flourish beyond their wildest dreams!

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