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Looking to better position your expertise and gain more traction with the 14 Trillion dollar female market?

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During our Purse Strings workshops, Financial Advisors and Property and Casualty Insurance professionals will learn what women want and need for their financial health now and into the future. We will uncover the style of advising that women find productive and helpful, ways to make recommendations for women, and more.

Once these professionals have successfully completed the workshop they will be armed with the changes they will want to make to their practice that will engage women and attract this 14 trillion dollar niche market. Professionals will be supported with ongoing training and coaching, as desired. Once these changes have been reviewed and approved, each professional will be highlighted on the Purse Strings website as a Purse Strings Approved professional. Their services will be promoted to the large network of female Purse Strings members who will be encouraged to use their services.


A 2009 Harvard Business Review article called the financial services industry the least sympathetic to women.

But why?

According to a comprehensive survey conducted by The Boston Consulting Group, published in the Harvard Business Review, reported that women around the world are more dissatisfied with the financial services industry than any other that affects their daily lives.

The Purse Strings Professional Workshop answers that question and MUCH more. Our experts will clue you in to all of the subtleties, approaches, and behaviors that will let female clients know you understand how to serve them the way they want—and need.

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If you want a passive learning experience—this workshop is NOT for you!

At the core of the workshop is the Purse Strings model, which connects Purse Strings Approved Professionals with a group of women who are looking for the services you provide. Purse Strings gives its women direct access to a carefully vetted list of women-centric professionals in financial planning and insurance—all of whom are equipped to help their female clients take control of their finances, leave fear behind, and design a bold, exciting future for themselves.

Because Purse Strings is in the launch phase of our online learning platform, you have a one-time-only opportunity to get in on the ground floor and build your business by meeting the needs of new and existing female clients.

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