Does Your Professional Add Up?

We’re giving you permission to decline. You don’t have to work with who your spouse chooses. Or who your dad, brother, or brother-in-law recommended.

How does your professional add up?

Professional Assessment Checklist:

❏Always treats you with respect and dignity.
❏ Is prompt and ready for your appointment.
❏ Is easy to reach and returns calls promptly.
❏ Provides complete and truthful information.
❏ Explains how they earn money by working with you.
❏ Makes eye contact when talking to you.
❏ Fully answers all your questions.
❏ Takes notes and promptly follows up, as needed.
❏ Always asks about and listens to your concerns.
❏ Never pushes you to purchase a product.
❏ Explains everything clearly so you can make sound financial decisions.
❏ Uses minimal jargon.
❏ Follows up as needed to answer any additional questions or concerns.

If your financial professional does not meet these quality standards, work with a Purse Strings Approved Professional who is certified to serve the female market!