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Hannah Chapman, CFP®, APMA®, CRPC®

X² Wealth Planning LLC

Favorite Things To Do

I make sure to escape to a hiking trail often, usually with my labrador, Leif! I love being in nature and feel like my soul is at home in the mountains. I also love hiking and biking and eating fancy dinners with my husband Adam, and having fun with our 3 young children! I'm also passionate about personal growth and am constantly working to be a better version of myself.

How I Help Women

X² Wealth Planning is on a mission to change the way the financial services industry serves women. During my 14 years working at a large financial company, I found that the women were not being served well by the “traditional” model of financial planning and investment management. Women felt talked down to and dismissed during meetings, didn’t feel like their questions were being answered, and stopped trusting the advice they were getting. I founded X² Wealth Planning as a fee-only financial planning firm to bring a collaborative and compassionate voice to the financial services industry, and to bring about a paradigm shift in how women view money and their ability to build wealth.

Products and Services I Provide
  • Retirement Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Tax Planning and Optimization
  • Investment Management
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Insurance Plan Integration
  • Estate Plan Integration
  • Legacy Planning
  • Charitable Giving
  • Coordination with Additional Professionals
  • Retirement Income Planning
Overview of Services

As a wealth advisor and a CFP®, I am committed to doing what's in the best interest of my clients at all times, no matter what. I founded X² Wealth Planning because I saw a need for a different type of financial advisor: one that really "gets" the needs of women business owners and who can guide women through the wealth-building process with compassion, joy, and ease. Growing up in an entrepreneurial household and eventually becoming an entrepreneur myself, I am uniquely positioned to help business owners understand their finances, build wealth efficiently and effectively, and protect that wealth for the future.

Through conversation and collaboration, we'll build a comprehensive plan that addresses the needs of your business and personal finances, because when you're an entrepreneur they are inextricably linked together. Once we have that plan laid out, we'll walk together through each piece of it, making sure that you feel confident and secure in your decisions all along the way. We'll manage your investment accounts and keep your savings on track, and work with your tax professionals on a regular basis so that we can be sure you are making sound decisions from a tax perspective too. We'll make sure your family and your livelihood are protected by having the right amount of insurance coverage. And we'll start planning your legacy.

I can't wait to meet you!

States I Currently Serve
  • All 50 States
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Purse Strings Approved Professionals

Becoming financially savvy is only the beginning. We want our women to surround themselves with a talented and thoughtful team of financial advisors and insurance associates who will help them plan for their future. Yet, we are keenly aware that so many providers in these industries lack the skill set to work with women and their unique needs.

Purse Strings works with Financial Professionals to equip them with awareness, information, and skills so they can engage with and serve the female market.

We vet them for their flexibility, empathy, creativity, strategy, and work style. When a financial professional passes our qualifications, they become Purse Strings Approved—and we know that they are perfectly equipped to serve the diverse demographic of women.

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