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Kristen Hafner

Financial Moxie

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Favorite Things To Do

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and two dogs! Raising two teenagers today is no joke! Watching them find their way is scary and rewarding all at the same time. I cannot wait to see how they will make a difference in the world! My husband and I love cruising the lake with our extended family & friends, sharing in food, spirits, swimming, and card games.

How I Help Women

My passion is to help others balance their health, wealth, and self. We can only control what we eat, how active we are, and what we spend especially in a world with so much uncertainty. Building self-confidence in what we can control empowers us to see opportunities otherwise often overlooked during our daily lives. No question is ever too insignificant, and planning is not about how much money is saved in retirement; it is about what life decisions are made along the way. Having a plan is great, however real-time financial planning supported by a diverse team of specialists who care makes it achievable!

Services We Provide
  • Financial Planning
  • Divorce Planning
Overview of Services

I became a financial planner the year prior to the 2008 economic recession. Some might consider this bad timing, but I consider it perfect timing because it prepared me for the uncertainties yet to come. It sounds crazy, but I can honestly say I have never experienced normal financial markets. After the 2008 recession, I even thought about
leaving the industry to teach full-time. However, a wise professor challenged me to use my skills to make a difference. Finding a better way to empower others is what drives me to continuously learn; some of my best lessons are from my clients’ very own experiences. I have learned that no matter how much industry knowledge I have,
listening to every clients’ needs and personal journey is more important. I thrive on getting to the heart of a challenge by providing the necessary resources to effect meaningful change in my clients’ lives. Therefore, collaborating with other specialists not necessarily financially centric makes sense. This is my “Y” story for creating our Moxie Bootcamp!

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States I Serve
  • California
Purse Strings Approved Professionals

Becoming financially savvy is only the beginning. We want our women to surround themselves with a talented and thoughtful team of financial advisors and insurance associates who will help them plan for their future. Yet, we are keenly aware that so many providers in these industries lack the skill set to work with women and their unique needs.

Purse Strings works with Financial Professionals to equip them with awareness, information, and skills so they can engage with and serve the female market.

We vet them for their flexibility, empathy, creativity, strategy, and work style. When a financial professional passes our qualifications, they become Purse Strings Approved—and we know that they are perfectly equipped to serve the diverse demographic of women.

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