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Matthew Shanlian

Primary Residential Mortgage Inc.

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Favorite Things To Do

I am a pretty simple person. I have 3 great kids that are just getting into extracurricular activities, so I love to watch them! I am a huge proponent of date night with my wife, Maria. No kids for just a couple hours can reset the body! Last, I do love smoking/grilling meat. I wouldn’t call myself a pit-master, but I love to cook for big groups of friends and family.

How I Help Women

I have always believed in working with the underserved markets in my industry. Our greatest value is to support our partners through education and lending support. Homeownership is one of the key pillars to the progress of women and their financial freedom. We want to be a catalyst for change in that area and focus on building great relationships that help individuals grow financially and intellectually! Whether it is buying a first home, down-sizing, or working through what to do with the home in the event of a divorce, I have experience working with clients in these situations.

Services We Provide
  • Residential Lending Expert
Overview of Services

Matthew has been working in the mortgage industry since 2007, beginning as a loan officer assistant. He has worked his way up to Division Manager with Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc., where his main role is to travel and educate referral partners on strategic equity management techniques. Matthew completed his bachelor’s degree in finance from Liberty University before working full time in the mortgage industry.

Purse Strings Approved Professionals

Becoming financially savvy is only the beginning. We want our women to surround themselves with a talented and thoughtful team of financial advisors and insurance associates who will help them plan for their future. Yet, we are keenly aware that so many providers in these industries lack the skill set to work with women and their unique needs.

Purse Strings works with Financial Professionals to equip them with awareness, information, and skills so they can engage with and serve the female market.

We vet them for their flexibility, empathy, creativity, strategy, and work style. When a financial professional passes our qualifications, they become Purse Strings Approved—and we know that they are perfectly equipped to serve the diverse demographic of women.

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