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Darrell Hickerson

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Take on my role as being a father, grandfather and husband.

Services We Provide
  • Debt Elimination
  • Life Insurance
Overview of Services

After 20+ years in the medical profession I noticed that everyday people could not afford our services. I have become passionate about helping families understand how to plan for the future. One of the key aspects I help with is debt elimination. When a family gets out of debt, they are able to save money to purchase what they need or they can invest in the future. I can help with this as well. I educate families in different ways they can invest in the future.

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Purse Strings Approved Professionals

Becoming financially savvy is only the beginning. We want our women to surround themselves with a talented and thoughtful team of financial advisors and insurance associates who will help them plan for their future. Yet, we are keenly aware that so many providers in these industries lack the skill set to work with women and their unique needs.

Purse Strings works with Financial Professionals to equip them with awareness, information, and skills so they can engage with and serve the female market.

We vet them for their flexibility, empathy, creativity, strategy, and work style. When a financial professional passes our qualifications, they become Purse Strings Approved—and we know that they are perfectly equipped to serve the diverse demographic of women.

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