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Brian Haney

The Haney Company

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Favorite Things To Do

• My favorite color is green (Kelly green to be specific)
• My favorite band is Reel Big Fish
• A surprising personal fact – I am proud Irish citizen (dual citizenship with the US of course)
• What do I like to do in my free time? Besides spend time with my family, you can find me out golfing or playing lacrosse....or playing with our company mascot Otis (bulldog).

How I Help Women

One word: Empowerment. It's not just education, it's not just advice, it's equipping you to win in your mind & your heart. Sometimes what you do or do not invest in matters as much as how well your investment performs. It’s not just about risk, it’s about personal values.

Services We Provide
  • We help you optimize your daily money management and work to improve that ever important (yet at times elusive) word: margin
  • We help you prepare for the unexpected by developing an insurance and risk management strategy tailored just for you
  • We help you plan for major purchases and navigate those bigger ticket items in life by keeping the big picture in view and being strategic
  • We help you plan for the future by developing a comprehensive savings &investing strategy so you'll have enough money for all of the important things in life
  • Most importantly, we help you understand how emotions and personal values play a significant role in making the right financial decisions
Overview of Services

We offer total financial needs analysis and solutions provided through a network of experienced professionals with expertise in:
• Advisory services and wealth management
• Retirement programs & strategic analysis
• Comprehensive Liability insurance
• Employee benefits & retention services
• Business continuation strategies
• Life, health, disability, and long term care insurance

For me it's not about investments or insurance, it's about how we can transform lives financially. We deliver high level advice and work to ensure our clients understand the best pathway forward.

States I Serve
  • MD
  • VA
  • DC
  • PA
  • IL
  • FL
  • CA
  • NY
Purse Strings Approved Professionals

Becoming financially savvy is only the beginning. We want our women to surround themselves with a talented and thoughtful team of financial advisors and insurance associates who will help them plan for their future. Yet, we are keenly aware that so many providers in these industries lack the skill set to work with women and their unique needs.

Purse Strings works with Financial Professionals to equip them with awareness, information, and skills so they can engage with and serve the female market.

We vet them for their flexibility, empathy, creativity, strategy, and work style. When a financial professional passes our qualifications, they become Purse Strings Approved—and we know that they are perfectly equipped to serve the diverse demographic of women.

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