Ep 8: Supporting Female Entrepreneurs with Violette de Ayala

Apr 14, 2022

Women are starting more businesses today than ever before. While running your own company is rewarding it can also be a lot of hard work, having a connected network of professionals that understand the unique struggles you face as CEO and as a woman is essential.

On today’s episode, Violette de Ayala the founder and CEO of Femcity joins us to discuss her entrepreneurial journey and how she is helping female entrepreneurs through community, sharing knowledge, and more. As a partner with Purse Strings, Femcity works together to support female entrepreneurs and their financial needs.

Starting her company in 2009, Femcity has grown exponentially. They provide entrepreneurs with coaching, networking, online resources, and more. With more than 70 chapters throughout the United States and Canada, their goal is to help over a million women on their business journey.

Join us today as we discuss: 

  • Women realize they want more work-life balance, better pay, and more opportunities
  • The benefits and difficulties of running your own business
  • The importance of feeling worthy and having a support system
  • Mistakes people make when starting their first business
  • Collaborating with other brands, businesses, and women

Learn more about Femcity and Violette: https://femcity.com/

Listen to the full podcast or use the timestamps below to jump to a specific section. 

2:39 – Welcome Violette!

7:25 – Women moving away from corporate

10:50 – Owning a business isn’t for the faint of heart

14:51 – Doing something you love at work

17:22 – Helping other people through business

19:45 – Success factors she’s seen

22:17 – Biggest mistakes people make

25:26 – Think about your superpower!

27:56 – Collaborate with others

30:13 – How can you reach out to Violette?


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