Ep 7: How Homeownership Impacts our Community with Matt Shanlian

Mar 24, 2022

Homeownership is one of the key pillars in economic progress for women. On today’s episode, Matt Shanlian, the President of Primary Residential Mortgage at the Great Lakes Division, joins us to explore real estate and why it’s such an important investment for women. We’ll also discuss its impact on the community and real estate’s crucial role in developing generational wealth.

Matt has been in the mortgage industry for 14 years, working a lot with financial advisors and their clients. His unique perspective gives him a national viewpoint on the real estate market.

Homeownership drastically impacts a community. From a socio-economic standpoint, homeownership tends to ignite community involvement through things like voting and community projects. On an individual basis, homeownership builds equity and provides people with economic stability and generational wealth. Therefore, it’s no surprise that homeownership is a crucial financial step for women building their wealth.

Join us today as we discuss: 

  • Strategic home equity management and generational wealth
  • The role of a mortgage in retirement planning and mortgage reviews
  • The power of home equity for families and their financial future
  • Programs and opportunities out there for first time home buyers

Learn more about Matt: https://www.primeres.com/newlexington/about/loan-officers/loan-officer/matt-shanlian

Listen to the full podcast or use the timestamps below to jump to a specific section. 

1:36 – Matt’s background story

2:45 – How does it impact the community?

6:14 – The power of investment

9:27 – The last 3 years

11:59 – Generational wealth

17:53 – A mortgage checkup

21:55 – Having a niche community

23:41 – Building bridges

29:05 – Closing thoughts


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