Ep 6: Women and the Real Estate Market with Aleta Saunders

Mar 10, 2022

Aleta Saunders joins us on today’s show to discuss women in the real estate market, advice she has for those looking to buy, and the importance of women protecting their assets. Aleta is an associate broker at PalmerHouse Properties and an experienced model with a global perspective and passion for helping women navigate the world of real estate.

More women than ever are entering the real estate market to invest and own real estate on their own. With over 35 years of experience, Aleta has helped many women with buying and selling their dream homes throughout the Atlanta market.

Her passion for real estate was driven by her mother and grandmother’s story. She wants to serve and protect women throughout the real estate market, a market they have historically been left out of.

Many women were losing out in real estate as their husbands were the sole name on cars and homes. As Aleta worked with couples, she ensured women were better protected by either having their name on the loan or deed, ensuring both partners had a say in what happened to their home.

However, our current market looks a lot different. Women are making strides in real estate, purchasing more than ever. Most of Aleta’s clients are now women and she’s helping them navigate the market, protect their assets, and invest in their future.

Join us today as we discuss: 

  • Aleta was raised by her grandmother and mother
  • How women have struggled in the real estate market
  • Are women being charged differently?
  • When did women start buying more homes?
  • The importance of women protecting their money
  • The advice she has for first-time homebuyers

Learn more about Aleta: https://bit.ly/3CoVa7d

Listen to the full podcast or use the timestamps below to jump to a specific section. 

1:29 – Aleta’s grandmother’s home

7:31 – She started in 1988

8:04 – Insights to women and real estate

10:00 – A lot of people didn’t know

11:28 – Being on the loan or deed

12:08 – More women are entering real estate

16:10 – When did women start buying more?

20:12 – Advice for first-time homebuyers

23:20 – Aleta selling her home in 2008

27:32 – Learning to live differently

30:50 – A client example from Aleta

33:58 – Do your homework

35:25 – Where to find Aleta


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