Ep 5: Marriage and Money with Lisa Kaplin

Feb 24, 2022

Our guest on today’s show is Lisa Kaplin, a psychologist, Certified Professional Life and Executive Coach, and an experienced corporate speaker. A lot of stress can come from our relationships and finances but Lisa is helping women work through these stresses to have healthier and wealthier lives.

Lisa will explain how we can all have healthier conversations around the topic of money with our partners. Building a life together isn’t easy, but improving communication around our finances can elevate our relationships and financial future.

We all come into a relationship with our own views on money. Many people don’t have the same experiences and financial views as their partners. So it’s no surprise that finances can be one of the top reasons for an argument in a relationship. But, Lisa is changing the game by teaching couples to approach money in terms of curiosity and understanding instead.

Join us today as we discuss: 

  • Lisa’s career, background, and involvement in Purse Strings
  • Why do we have a hard time talking about money in relationships?
  • The transfer of wealth that will be passed to women and how we can prepare them for this
  • Her tips for young and newly married couples forming their money mindset together
  • Ways women and couples can overcome insecurities and gain confidence in money decisions

Contact Lisa:  http://lisakaplin.com/ or Lisa@lisakaplin.com

Listen to the full podcast or use the timestamps below to jump to a specific section. 

1:35 – Lisa’s background and career

2:49 – Biggest issues around money

3:59 – Ignoring big money conversations

4:50 – Messages women receive around money

5:49 – How can we prepare women for their finances?

7:44 – How do we start the conversation?

8:44 – Asking about your partner’s money story

9:48 – What are you comfortable spending?

11:21 – Control and money in relationships

12:29 – Tips for young and newly married couples

14:06 – Gaining more money confidence

15:00 – Making more money than your spouse

17:04 – Making up stories in our heads

18:36 – Defining these answers for ourselves

19:45 – Meeting with an advisor early on

22:38 – Having these conversations

23:24 – The best way to reach out to Lisa


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