Ep 20: A Proactive Approach to Tax Planning with Eric Blake, CFP®

Oct 13, 2022

Although we know tax planning is about as fun as a mammogram, they are something we have to do every year. Our goal for this episode is to help you glide into tax season with ease. Let’s make sure we are prepped, proactive, and ready to make the most of our taxes.

In this episode, we have Eric Blake, CFP®, Founder, and Lead Financial Advisor at Blake Wealth Management. Eric may not be a fan of taxes but loves tax planning. Listen along as we discuss some of Eric’s strategies to save on your taxes.

We will explore the following and much more: 

·      How proactive tax planning can give you control. (2:00)

·      Here are some items on your tax return that could help you save money on next year’s taxes. (6:18) 

·      If you are in a lower tax bracket now, here are some adjustments you may want to make. (10:54)

·      How an HSA could be a great tool for you in retirement planning. (17:16)


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