Ep 14: Overcoming Obstacles and Challenging Divorces with Lora Georgieva

Jul 14, 2022

Joining us today is Lora Georgieva, one of our certified Purse Strings professionals. As a college planning professional and the founder of Destination College, Lora knows firsthand the ways women are impacted by financial barriers. She will share her harrowing divorce experience, the lessons she learned (financial and otherwise), and much more on today’s show.

Lora immigrated to the United States in 2003, with the ambition to provide for herself and her children. She started working in a bank and eventually became a financial advisor when her husband served her with divorce paperwork. In April of 2009, her divorce battle began, where she ended up learning family law in order to advocate for herself and her children.

For three years, Lora battled inside the courtroom and to an eventual trial over her and her ex-husband’s finances. From visitations, college expenses, child support, and much more Lora saw the reality that many women face when they go through a divorce. Now, she’s dedicated to telling her story and protecting women from the same hardships she had to endure through her own divorce.

We also will discuss: 

·       The three-year-long divorce and trial Lora withstood

·       Overcoming the loss of her house and starting her own business

·       How she helps people attain education and career goals

More about Lora: https://www.destination-college.org/ 

Listen to the full podcast or use the timestamps below to jump to a specific section.
0:51 –
Background on Lora’s story

4:38 – How did you learn about family law?

6:35 – Was trial over the money or the children?

8:39 – How Lora lost her house

13:53 – Helping people reach education and success

16:35 – About the woman who wanted to go to medical school

17:13 – What is your long-term goal?

17:47 – What have you learned throughout your divorce?

20:18 – Thank you for joining us!


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