Ep 1: Getting To Know Barbara, Maggie, and the Purse Strings Model

Jan 19, 2022

Welcome to the first episode of Women & Money: The $h*t We Don’t Talk About. We are taking this opportunity to introduce you to the Purse Strings model and why it’s important for all women! Your hosts will be Barbara Provost and Maggie Nielsen, helping you navigate the ins and outs of financial independence. We’ll call out the ways women are consistently left behind financially. But most importantly, how they can help themselves.

As a woman, if you’ve ever felt left behind in the financial conversation, this podcast is for you. We’ve heard countless stories about women whose advisors won’t even look at them, let alone take their financial concerns seriously.

That’s one reason we developed the Purse Strings model. Women have been overlooked and underserved in the financial industry for far too long. Purse Strings is a two-part model about empowering women with financial education and connecting them to trusted professionals that want to serve them.

Join us today as we discuss: 

  • How women have been underserved in the financial industry for far too long
  • Where Barbara and Maggie got their inspiration to start Purse Strings
  • The problems and disadvantages that retirement age women face
  • How Women & Money: The $h*t We Don’t Talk About will empower, educate, and motivate you!

Listen to the full podcast or use the timestamps below to jump to a specific section.

1:05 – Purse Strings: A two-part model
3:19 – Finding professionals who want to serve women
4:13 – Why did Barbara and Maggie start this model?
6:44 – We are here to help change the industry!


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