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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs:

5 Ways to Support Women-Owned Businesses

In 2023, women in the United States are blazing a trail of entrepreneurship, opening over 1,200 new enterprises each day, with an average of 1,821 in 2022. The journey towards gender equality in business has come a long way since 1988 when the Women’s Business Ownership Act was signed into law, eliminating the need for male co-signers on loans for female entrepreneurs. Yet, women-owned businesses still face challenges, including stereotypes and the need for an authoritative first impression. Here are five compelling ways you can actively support and empower women-owned businesses – because when she succeeds, we all succeed!

Choose Women-Owned Businesses:

Please, please, please…start by making a conscious effort to support women-owned businesses in your daily life. Whether it’s shopping for groceries, clothing, or services, seek out and choose companies with a significant female ownership stake. By directing your purchasing power towards these businesses, you contribute to their growth and success. And, business owners do a happy dance!

Spread the Word:

One of the most effective ways to support women entrepreneurs is by amplifying their voices. Make a point of promoting a women-owned business every week (or day if you can!) It’s SO EASY. All it takes is sharing their stories, liking their posts, reposting and giving supportive responses on social media, talking about her accomplishments, and recommending their products or services to your network. By spreading the word, you contribute to building a community that recognizes and celebrates the achievements of women in business.

Mentorship and Networking:

The number one problem women entrepreneurs often face is challenges in establishing themselves and creating an authoritative first impression. If you are a seasoned professional, offer mentorship or connect women with valuable networking opportunities. Share your knowledge, experiences, and contacts to help them navigate the business landscape more effectively. Mentorship can be a powerful catalyst for the success of women-owned businesses. So many women have done this for Purse Strings and continue to offer their advice and services and promote us to help us grow. And, we thank them!

Invest in Women-Owned Businesses:

Consider investing in women-owned businesses, either directly or through funds that focus on supporting female entrepreneurs. Investment provides the capital needed for growth and expansion, enabling these businesses to thrive. Look for opportunities to become a financial ally and contribute to closing the funding gap that women-owned businesses often face. Most of us use credit cards to help fund our businesses because it’s been so difficult to get business loans or venture capital funding.

Advocate for Equality:

Become an advocate for policies and initiatives that promote gender equality in the business world. Support organizations and movements that work towards creating an inclusive environment for women entrepreneurs. By actively participating in advocacy efforts, you contribute to breaking down barriers and fostering a more supportive landscape for women-owned businesses.

Are you a woman owned business, or looking to hang out your shingle? Here are 4 Purse Strings Approved Professionals who can help you! 

Deb Curtis

Deb Curtis

Business Buyers' Acquisition SBA Loan Consultant at Curtis Small Business Finance Solutions

Deb’s mission is to help women and all people of color unlock their potential and transition into the CEO role by acquiring established profitable businesses. She provides consultation on SBA-backed financing and instill confidence, arming you with the knowledge and tools to step seamlessly into existing, successful enterprises.

Ronica Brown

Ronica Brown

Certified Public Accountant at RBA Tax Advisors

The RBA Tax Advisors specializes in tax reduction planning, tax consulting, and tax preparation. Our approach helps clients reduce their taxes by 30% or more above what they are currently paying. Our CPAs have spent over 10,000 hours guiding business owners on implementing tax reduction strategies all year round.

Jonathon Agee

Jonathon Agee

Business Accountant at The Bookkeeping Specialists, LLC

Jonathan’s primary focus is to help small businesses that are uncertain of the results their business is yielding. Jonathan enjoys taking the guesswork out of the financials and creating simplified systems that cost business owners no time at all. He takes great pride in helping business owners remain successful and strategizing their financial success.

Angela Sarver

Angela Sarver

Founder and CEO of EllieBlue Human Resources Consulting

Angela is a Business Coach who works with business owners to help them develop and implement smart, practical solutions for the HR issues. Whether you need ongoing HR support or assistance with a project, I have the expertise to address these challenges so you can focus on what you do best.

At Purse Strings, we proudly stand as a women-owned and led organization dedicated to championing all women, especially those who embark on the journey of creating a fulfilling life by pursuing their passions. Our commitment extends to supporting these remarkable women and fostering a community that uplifts and empowers every individual. We’re here for her, and we’re here for all women. Together, let’s build a path to prosperity and success.