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We are all on our own financial journey. Whether you are planning for retirement, going through a divorce, raising children, or working in a man’s world, we have four amazing books that hit home for any one of these situations.

in the Retirment planning phase

If  you are in the “planning for retirement” phase of your financial journey then pick up this book! More Than Money – Real Life Stories of Financial Planning. This book is chock full of pointed advice by top financial professionals. It shares real life experiences of real people working through their financial situations. We especially love these two topics!! First, When should you start taking social security benefits? Why Waiting Until Full Retirement Age is NOT Always Right. By our own Rita Cheng. She tells it straight – everyone’s financial situation is different, and sometimes taking SS early is the right choice. Dive in to hear why. And, Stephanie McCullough’s – You Missed a Few Classes – tells the story of Cassandra and the vulnerability she felt as she worked to navigate life after the death of her husband. She was on her own and needed an advisor who was NOT going to lecture her or be condescending. As you peruse the chapters, you’ll be engaged by the different financial situations many find themselves.

Matthew Shanlian
Mataila Hairston

thingking about Divorce

Divorcing? Or, know someone who is? Then you will want to be sure you know how to find ALL the money.  Find Me The Money: Take control, uncover the truth and Win the Money You Deserve in Your Divorce by Tracy Coenen is your go-to bible. Tracy knows that more than half of Americans keep money secrets from their partners. As a forensic accountant, she explains how you can identify red flags, detect deceit, untangle the finances and come out of your divorce feeling victorious.


Raising Kids

If you are raising little ones, then we can’t say enough about this wonderful book – My Dad’s Class; An Intentional Structure for Teaching Kids About Money and Life by Paige Cornetet. Paige shares her lived and learned experiences created by her dad. She explains how her dad wove educational experiences into their everyday family activities. It’s brilliant! Paige gives us the daily activities she and her siblings experienced to easily embed valuable lessons about money, values and personal accountability into their daily routines, which created life-long impact. It’s a gem!

Michelle Schroeder
Cindy Rubin

wokring in a male dominated enviroment


Are you working in a male dominated work environment? Then grab Pitch the Bitch: Grab Your Financial Future by the Bags by Kelly Ann Winget. Kelly Ann calls out the old boys club who’s mantra was Don’t Pitch the Bitch. Why? Because women ask too many questions. Want to know too much. And, god-forbid, they will even call you to discuss their investments! But, as Kelly Ann exposes, those are just the qualities that lead women to be better investors, more successful business owners and curators of their own successful financial futures.


We are so proud to have all of these women in our network of Purse Strings Approved professionals ready to help women make smart financial decisions for themselves and their families!