Barbara has worked with us on a number of projects both from an educational and project management standpoint. She has done everything from facilitating educational plans, getting together with clients, soliciting the business objective, to finding what educational supports need to be put in place to make that happen. She’s an exceptional facilitator, a wonderful project manager, and she can work across an organization.

In the past, we’ve dealt with people who get so deep in the theory, they can’t get down to “How is this going to work with the end user?” Barb is a true professional. She has a breadth of knowledge that she uses to come in and gets things done. It’s the practical approach she takes to the work. Her work capacity just amazes me.

Barb worked with us on a large technology initiative. She helped us with that piece of it. The project had a very short time frame and specific education deliverables. Barb and the team she’s built have a skill set that worked very well in this environment.

I’ve also used her as a coach. She asks great questions and that makes her a great coach. It’s her great questions that help you get to the right answers.