Sharpen the Saw

Take an hour to Sharpen your Saw.

Sharpen the Saw sessions are on the second Thursday once a quarter at 3 pm Central. These are for all Purse Strings Approved Professionals to spend one hour a month sharpening their saw on various topics!

Check out the previous sessions below. You should have received an invited to the upcoming sessions. Reach out of you do not have the invite!

Your Superpower: Finding Your Unique Edge with Ellen Rogin

January 2022 

Clients are no longer compelled to work with professionals who are physically close now that video conferencing has become so mainstream. Which means it’s more important than before to stand out from your competitors. If you’ve ever felt it was a challenge to differentiate yourself from the competition… identifying your superpower will change everything.

You’ll learn: 

  1. How to identify a superpower that sets you apart from the rest.
  2. How to focus your team to find their superpowers.
  3. How to use your superpower to grow your practice
    Putting the social in social media: How to create an engaged community with Jordin Jewell

    February 2022 

    In this session, Jordan Jewel shares:

    1. 10 tips for creating an engaged community
    2. Must-have tools to help you achieve social media success
    3. 3 post ideas for everyone to use this month
    Curating Your Digital Presence with Rebecca Adler

    March 2022 

    Rebecca’s an Instructional Designer who helps entrepreneurs like us pitch themselves and their services in a manner that allows potential customers to understand, absorb, and retain key information about you. I’ve been working with Rebecca for years and can tell you from first-hand experience – this is going to be game-changing.
    Minimalist Leadership for Maximum Results: Four practices to double your team’s performance without doubling your effort with Danny Hadas

    April 2022 

    What we used to call “leadership” is no longer serving us, and The Great Resignation is all the proof you need. The pressure to achieve results has never been greater, but the current landscape around workplaces everywhere is tense: you never know when someone is going to leave and when they do it can be disastrous. The common refrain: how do we LEAD effectively and achieve the results we want without burning out?
    In this session, discover four Minimalist Leadership practices that will empower you to double your team’s performance without doubling your effort. Leave with the tools to transform your leadership, your team, and your bottom line.
    Be Your Own Best Brand Consultant with Amanda Wurzbach and Scout Driscoll

    May 2022 

    Have you ever admired our Purse Strings branding or messaging? Well, we’re spilling all of our secrets at our Sharpen The Saw on May 12. We will be welcoming Scout Driscoll of DesignScout and Amanda Wurzbach of Total Dish to share some branding best practices with you. This dynamic brand duo specializes in Brand Evolutions – helping small businesses who are ready to start looking and feeling, like big businesses. I am super excited to make this introduction.
    10 Easy Things You Can Do to Be More Productive with Brook Borup

    June 2022 

    What to do? Work smarter not harder, they say. So, for this month’s Sharpen the Saw educational event, I’ve invited Brook Borup, Owner and Founder of My Clone Solution to talk to us about 10 Easy Things You Can Do to Be More Productive. Brook swears by her simple strategies to help you automate, delegate, and cut way down on the busy work. All you need to get your time back for some fun in the sun!
    Scaling YOU: Optimize your Finite Time with Elizabeth Eiss, Founder and CEO of ResultsResourcing

    July 2022

    Your time is finite and valuable. You only have so many hours in the day to deliver value to your clients, build your business, and take care of yourself and those important to you.
    Join us to discover how you are investing OR spending your time. Gain a fun, easy but objective tool to evaluate and calculate the ROI of your time. The session will help you uncover changes you could make to optimize the ROI your time — and scale YOU.
    This is for our professionals who are looking to grow and scale but don’t have enough time to get it all done or want to hire freelancers but don’t know if they can afford it.
    Improving Networking: Get the most out of your network!

    September 2022

    Showing up is half the battle, but once your there, how do you get the most of the time? Lauren gives her sage and proven advice on the best ways to network to grow your business.