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Financially Fearless Foundation

Financially Fearless Foundations

You’re busy! 

And let’s be a teensy bit honest here:  Your money’s getting away from you. You’re not sure what’s in your retirement accounts (when’s the last time you checked them?). You’re not sure how to calculate your net worth (who has time to figure that out?).

We hear you.

You’re so busy, you only have time to get your financial information in small snippets — from the internet. Your brother-in-law. Your co-worker. 

You, like so many women, need one course to conquer your financial future. 

One course. 

You need the “Be Financially Fearless Course” from Purse Strings — your one-stop shop for becoming financially fearless. A financial badass. 

Our tried-and-true course, created for women by women, will set you up for life. 


It’s time to relax. Grab a coffee or glass of wine.

Beautiful African American lady with dark curly hair standing near board and happily discussing new project with her colleagues in office. Young smiling business woman giving presentation to coworkers
  • Not sure how to leverage your paycheck? Let’s unpack the power of your paycheck! It. Will. Change. Your. Life. No doubts about that. 
  • Not sure why you need to know your net worth? We’ll zero in on how your money flows each month. This course shows you how to learn how to determine what you are worth financially — and why it’s important. See how money flows to you and out to expenses each month.
  • Confused about what to do with your money? This course helps you nab your money mojo so you can create your own personal vision for your life. 

  • Curious about how to build an emergency fund… with seemingly no extra cash? Let’s clear up how to minimize expenses and earn more money. Plus, we’ll implement actionable ways to get ahead of emergencies. It’s exciting — trust us!
  • Wondering how to handle your 401(k)? Two words: FREE MONEY. A 401(k) match is money your company gives you on top of your salary! Depositing the highest percentage your company matches ensures that you’re set for life.

You’re in control now! 

Free for Purse Strings Financially Fearless Women

Empowering women to feel confident and competent about financial decisions for herself and her family!

Hello! We’re Purse Strings! 

Women’s place in society is under enormous change, with increased levels of education, income, improved socioeconomic status, entrepreneurship, and more. With an enormous turnover of wealth from the BabyBoomer era along with these changes, we have to fill the gap of women and their education about money. You need to become an active participant in your own financial conversation and learn about your own financial health.

You need insurance/financial products and services, especially during critical stages such as entering the workforce, marriage, buying a house/car, having children, divorce/widowhood, and retirement, yet these industries have done nothing different to reach, engage and serve women’s needs. 

We’re here to provide you with the education to become financially fearless as well as work with providers who earn your dollar!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in this course?

  • Beliefs about Money: How does the word “money” make you feel? Let’s find out!

  • The Power of Your Paycheck: Yahoo! Nothing feels as good as payday! Did you know that besides paying your bills, your paycheck can actually help you meet your financial goals?

  • Current-cy: Money is also called currency. Think of it as a current. Money flows to you and away from you. This is also called cash “flow.” Let’s examine how YOUR money is “flowing” today!

  • Debt: Let’s look at debt and how it works — for you or against you.

  • Write your financial goals. Make your daydreams reality. We’ll guide you how to write your financial goals and create a game plan to achieve them.

  • Budget and emergency savings. Quick! Two more things to discuss to get you on the right road to your best financial future: Emergency savings and budget. You won’t want to miss out!

What will I learn?

We might all feel financially behind at some point. Sure, we get paid but still feel disappointed about where we are financially. When you receive money, it is essential to pay yourself for your hard work.

This course is all about feeling positive and grateful! this gratitude can draw more money to you through hard work – it’s true! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Ultimately, the course boils down to these four tenets:

  • Pay more than the minimum on debt.
  • Have financial goals.
  • Know your net worth.
  • Treat YO’SELF.

And most importantly, you’ll learn to be financially fearless, no longer full of doubt about your financial future. 

In short, you’ll become a financial badass.

In short, you’ll become a financial badass.

When is the course?

This course is happening now! If you are ready to be a financial badass, then jump in and get started. No more waiting!


Can I go through the course at my leisure?

Yes! We deliver the whole course to you at once so you can go at your own pace.

Beautiful African American lady with dark curly hair standing near board and happily discussing new project with her colleagues in office. Young smiling business woman giving presentation to coworkers

How do I know whether the Financially Fearless Course is right for me? 

This course is for every woman. 

Here’s what you’ll learn: Money gives us the ability to buy things and helps us plan a more secure future. Part of this security involves insurance. Getting adequate insurance helps cover you even if sh%t hits the fan. 

Imagine if you got robbed and someone stole your laptop, TV, speaker, and gaming system. Could you afford to replace them all?

How does the Course work?

When you’re ready to commit, simply register for the course, and you will receive access right away!

Guess what! You get more than just a course. Being part of the Purse Strings for Financially Fearless Women Facebook Group allows you to join in on group calls to debrief each portion of the course. 

Jump in at different sessions to share…

  • How you changed your spending to fix your money habits.
  • What your future steps are.
  • How you are feeling now about money and your relationship with money.
  • Ongoing support

    Even if you need to tighten your purse strings, we’ll help you figure it out!

    If not today, then when?