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Changing Your Mindset With Money

I remind them they have the ability to build the life they want by taking steps, every single day, to do so.

When I coach women about their money as they contemplate, go through, or have post-divorce challenges, I notice a pattern. Many women have either not been the primary manager of the finances in their marriage and/or live in fear of their relationship to money. There are many reasons this may have occurred. Whatever the cause, my job is to help them shape a new future that empowers them to embrace rather than run from their money.

How do we walk this new path together?

1. We talk about what happened historically so that we have information about what needs to shift.

2. In talking about the past our focus is not the blame for what occurred but rather the pattern of behavior, habits, really, that may have reinforced a negative relationship to money.

3. We talk about new goals they have to embrace looking forward, understanding what they have, what they want and what steps they may take to make that happen.

4. We create tasks, daily, to build a habit over time to reinforce their new relationship with money. This isn’t overwhelming. It starts at 5 minutes every day and builds from there. Eventually, my clients look forward to these habits as a a way to reassure themselves they are on a path for their success.

5. I introduce my clients to professionals, therapeutic, financial, even organizational to make sure they can maintain and build on practices we have begun together. We are just “talking” a good game but we are reinforcing it.

6. I validate, every day, as needed, how much in common my clients have with the community of women. I remind them they have the ability to build the life they want by taking steps, every single day, to do so.

7. Once I re-launch my client after our work, I am still available to help them, as needed, to “check-in” and “brush-up” habits, as needed.

Empowerment around money is not only possible, it is one of the most practical and easily facilitated programs I work on with my clients! Join me for a discovery call and let’s figure out your path to success too!

This article is written by Cherie Morris

As you navigate separation and divorce, and other life transitions, Cherie offers coaching support that includes: creating a plan to align your actions with values, practical navigation of legal, therapeutic and financial steps, as well as mindset coaching to accomplish all of this. Cherie is a lawyer by training and now a full-time coach so will apply her analytical abilities to your needs in separation and divorce to help you communicate in a neutral way with your former spouse for better co-parenting. She will help you take care of yourself and your children too.

We will provide you useful and timely information you can use to be #financiallyfearless