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Purse Strings with Maggie Nielsen & Barb Provost

Unlock the power of financial independence and shatter the myth that money management is solely a man’s world with Dr. Barb Provost and Maggie Nielsen of Purse Strings. Our latest conversation is a testament to the strength and resilience of women who are ready to take charge of their financial futures.

We dive into the heart of personal finance, addressing the unique challenges women face from career breaks to longer life expectancies, and how these can be navigated with confidence and savvy planning. Through inspiring stories and practical advice, Barb and Maggie guide us on becoming financially fearless, regardless of life’s unexpected twists.

Feel the electricity of empowerment as we tackle the discomfort and exclusion many women encounter within the financial services industry. We highlight the importance of seeking financial advisors who respect and understand the distinct financial journey women often face, reiterating the importance of being informed and involved in one’s financial destiny.

From discussing the “Pink Tax” to offering actionable tools like the “Where’s My Money Going?” worksheet, our episode serves as a rallying cry for women to claim their financial literacy and forge a path toward true independence.

We wrap up our transformative discussion with a focus on the emotional landscape of money and the necessity of aligning spending with personal values. Hear how emotional intelligence can be a formidable ally in financial decisions and why cultivating a judgment-free understanding of your money habits is crucial.

Dr. Provost and Maggie Nielsen leave us with the knowledge of how to build a strong financial foundation and valuable resources like a divorce guide and a family emergency binder to help navigate life’s financial complexities.

Join us for this empowering session and start rewriting your financial narrative today.

Casa de Confidence Podcast


Money Talks: The Mother-Daughter Team Changing the Narrative

In this podcast episode, the host interviews Dr. Barbara Provost and her daughter Maggie Nielsen, founders of Purse Strings, an organization dedicated to empowering women financially. Dr. Provost discusses her transition from a traditional job to starting Provost Consulting and then Purse Strings, inspired by the financial industry’s neglect of women’s needs. Maggie shares how her upbringing influenced her views on financial independence. They explore the mission of Purse Strings, which provides resources and connects women with trusted financial professionals. The episode emphasizes the importance of financial awareness, planning, and open communication about money. The guests encourage listeners to utilize Purse Strings’ free tools and guides for financial empowerment.

Financial freedom is not just a goal; it’s a necessity for women to thrive and succeed. It’s time to challenge the status quo and provide the tools and knowledge needed for financial empowerment!

Learn more about Casa De Confidence! 

Find Me The Money Podcast


Featured on Find Me The Money POdcast

Women Stepping Into Their Financial Power

Dr. Barbara Provost and Maggie Nielsen created Purse Strings to empower women in their financial lives, and today we’re talking about important money conversations for women, how to take back financial power, and the resources available. We first address the reasons why many women don’t step into their financial power, including the lack of financial education and negative messages surrounding money.

Women often rely on friends and family for financial advice instead of seeking professional help. Purse Strings aims to change this by providing a trusted resource for financial tools and vetted financial professionals who serve women. In addition, there are free worksheets and an inexpensive guide to help women dig into their personal finances.

The future of women and finances is shifting, and Purse Strings is working to build a supportive network for women to discuss and manage their money.

The Amber Stitt Show Podcast


Featured on The Amber Stitt Show

Focus On Talents: The Purse Strings Founders, Closing the Gender Money Gap with Dr. Barbara Provost & Maggie Nielsen, MBA

🎙 Welcome to another empowering episode of The Amber Stitt Show! Join us as we sit down with the dynamic mother-daughter duo, Dr. Barbara Provost with her deep financial industry knowledge, and the insightful MBA graduate Maggie Nielsen. As co-founders of Purse Strings, they are revolutionizing the financial world by focusing on women’s unique needs and creating a one-stop resource for financial education and expert connections.

🗣️ In this episode, Dr. Barb and Maggie share their journey of building a business from the ground up, reaching and empowering a community of 150 professionals, and hosting a transformative podcast. They delve into the power of financial education aimed at women, the innovation behind their course “Reach, Engage and Earn the Female Dollar,” and the impact of their work beyond profit.

🔍 Discover the fascinating dynamic of their mother-daughter relationship and glean valuable insights from their use of personality assessments like the Enneagram to enhance business communication.

🔑 Topics covered:

– The inspiration and mission of Purse Strings

– Marketing, branding, and innovation in the financial industry

– Strategies for story-telling through blogging, podcasting, and social media

– The role of AI, virtual assistants, and delegating in modern business

– The value of business coaching, expert collaboration, and professional community

– Overcoming financial inequality and the societal “pink tax”

– The importance of gender inclusion and diversity in the financial sector

Simply Retirement Podcast


Featured on The Simply Retirement Podcast

Financially Fearless Women with Dr. Barb Provost and Maggie Nielsen

Ladies, have you ever considered the unique aspects of your finances?

Today’s dialogue sheds new light on the critical topic of women’s financial empowerment. Eric Blake welcomes Dr. Barb Provost and Maggie Nielsen, founders of Purse Strings, to explore the critical topic of women’s financial empowerment. Together, they uncover the unique financial challenges faced by women and emphasize the importance of adopting a “financially fearless” approach.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Systemic Challenges: Addressing the pink tax, wage gaps, and the additional caregiving responsibilities that disproportionately affect women
  • Becoming Financially Fearless: The need for women to engage in proactive financial planning and decision-making
  • Industry Critique: A look at how the financial services industry’s male-centric models fail women, and the urgent need for female-focused financial education and services
  • Proactive Financial Planning: The importance of women taking charge of their financial planning, especially as they approach retirement
  • Purse Strings – A Vital Resource: The discussion showcases Purse Strings as an essential tool for financial literacy, connecting women with vetted financial professionals
  • Diverse Financial Professionals: The wide range of professionals available through Purse Strings, catering to the varied financial needs of women
  • Overcoming Financial Barriers: Strategies for overcoming financial shame and insecurity, empowering women to use money as a tool for achieving dreams and impacting the community
  • And much more!

Healthy Love and Money Podcast


Featured on Healthy Love and Money Podcast: 

Empowering Women To Engage In Their Whole Financial Life with Maggie Nielsen & Barb Provost

“You have to find the right financial professional because you’re going to get financially naked with them.”

Have you ever felt overlooked or misunderstood by your financial advisor? Maggie Nielsen and Barb Provost, the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind Purse Strings, join our host Ed Coambs to unpack the critical concept of financial intimacy and its transformative power in women’s lives. Their personal journeys, combined with a trove of experience in adult education and business, fuel a conversation that sheds light on the financial industry’s shortcomings and the dire need for women to step into their financial prowess.

Navigating the financial landscape within relationships can often feel like threading a needle blindfolded, but it doesn’t have to. In this episode, Maggie, Barb, and Ed address the fundamentals of financial empowerment, from the necessity of emergency savings to the wisdom of maximizing workplace benefits. Maggie and Barb champion the idea that regardless of gender, both partners in a relationship should command the financial reins as equals. They tackle the cultural stigmas around money talks, advocating for a shift towards collaborative and informed financial decision-making that can strengthen the bonds of any partnership.

They delve into the importance of setting ambitious goals, advocating for career advancement, and actively managing finances through investments and salary negotiations. They also touch on the emotional complexities that come with financial planning, including how to handle unexpected windfalls with grace and intelligence. Listen in as Ed, Maggie, and Barb unravel the threads of financial intimacy, aiming to inspire you to wield your financial knowledge with confidence and share it forward to cultivate a culture of healthy fiscal management in your relationships and beyond.