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Featured on The Savvy Entrepreneur |Purse Strings: Helping Women Make Sound Financial Decisions


Barbara Provost and her daughter Maggie Nielsen created Purse Strings, a platform dedicated to helping women make better financial decisions. They joined The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show recently to share how they got started, and some of the challenges they’ve faced along the way.

Barbara spent many years working with financial institutions as a consultant. She felt their really was no part of the sector that was truly serving women’s needs. The focus was on sales, and the assumption was that the man of the household was making the decisions.

And then she went through her own divorce. She spoke with lots of other women going through the process, and realized how poorly prepared many women are to make sound financial decisions. She realized again how financially disadvantaged most women are because they earn less and are out of the workforce more.

Barb launched Purse Strings as a side business, but when Covid struck and her consulting business dried up, she decided it was time to dedicate herself full-time to Purse Strings. And at that point, her daughter Maggie had finished her MBA, and they decided it was time to team up.

Like most platforms, the business has gone through some different iterations to find the right delivery and pricing model. Today, Purse Strings offers a paid membership to vetted financial experts of all types, along with lots of free financial education for women.

It’s a great story, and a business filling a huge need. Click on the arrow to take a listen!

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Featured on Real Wealth Real Health|Being a Financially Fearless Woman

Even though women are responsible for more than $23 trillion in annual household spending and will inherent $30 trillion in the next 7-10 years, the financial industry continues to overlook and underserve them. Dr. Barbara Provost grew tired of seeing this same problem affecting the women around her and shape her work as a financial educator. So, she took action. In this episode, Barbara shares the inspiration behind her company, Purse Strings. She and AdaPia discuss how women can build a strong financial foundation for themselves and their communities, the different messages that men and women receive about money and power, and how these messages can lead to shame and fear – until we examine them, and choose more empowering ones. 

Dr. Barbara Provost is the founder of Purse Strings, a business development service introducing women who seek financial advice to service providers who understand their unique needs. The company also offers a breadth of free educational resources designed to help every woman, regardless of her financial situation. Barbara has 20+ years of experience as an educational consultant to the banking and insurance industries and is passionate about using that expertise to equip and empower women. 

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Featured on Spread Good Vibez |How to Grow Financially Fearless 

Too many women  struggle financially, especially as they think about retirement. Life shouldn’t be this way. Tune in today to hear Maggie Nielsen share how she and her mom started

Purse Strings is a place where it doesn’t matter if you have a little money or a lot, Their programming helps women who are ready to put themselves first and get smart about money become financially independent.

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Morning Blend


Featured on TMJ4 Morning Blend |How to Become a Financially Fearless Women

Dr. Barbara Provost and Maggie Nielsen from Purse Strings chat with us about how women can become financially fearless. Purse Strings was started by women for women looking to make smart financial decisions that will positively impact their future. It provides a variety of free online resources and financial professionals to help women make healthy financial decisions that will create a wonderful financial future.

TMJ The Morning Blend with Purse Strings

Align Women


Featured on Align Women |How to be Financially Fearless

Dr. Barbara Provost is the founder of Purse Strings, LLC. Barbara is a doctor of adult and higher learning, an entrepreneur, a podcast host, and a passionate advocate for women who want to be financially fearless.

Together we look at smart ways women can become more informed and powerful in their relationship with money.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Amy’s personal money mantra and why it works so powerfully for her
  • The real reason women carry purses – it’s not what you think!
  • The one CRITICAL financial instrument that every married woman needs to have in place
  • Why Barbara took empowering women to become financially fearless into her own hands

Align Women Podcast

Breaking Money Silence


Featured on Breaking Money Silence | Taking Control of the Purse Strings

Who controls the purse strings in your house? If you are like sixty-one percent of the women that would rather talk about their own death than finances, it may not be you. The price of delegating your financial decisions to someone else is especially high, and today’s podcast guests want to do something about it.

Listen to the story of how Dr. Barbara Provost and her daughter Maggie Nielson, co-founded Purse Strings with the mission of closing the gender financial literacy and investing gap. We discuss how women need access to free education and referrals to gender-savvy, financial professionals. But most of all, they need to take action!

Here are the top 5 things you will learn listening to this podcast: 

  • How the financial services industry continues to underserve women 
  • What women really want from their financial professionals 
  • Young millennial women do talk more about money with their friends than previous generations 
  • The importance of taking action to change your relationship with money 
  • You deserve to work with an advisor who shows you respect and dignity

Breaking Money Silence®

Taking Control of the Purse Strings

by Breaking Money Silence with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury | Listen live on all streaming platforms.