Breaking Through Bias In The Workplace with Andie Kramer

Andie Kramer, lawyer, author, advocate, and founding member of ASKramer Law, joins us to talk about breaking through bias in the workplace.


Today we have the pleasure of sitting down with Andie Kramer, lawyer, author, advocate, and founding member of ASKramer Law, LLC. Over the years, she has written and spoken extensively about gender biases in the workplace alongside her husband, Al Harris. We’re excited to have her on the show today to share insights from her books Breaking Through Bias, It’s Not You, It’s the Workplace, and Beyond Bias.

In this episode, we focus on gender bias in the workplace and the role of both men and women in driving meaningful change. Andie highlights some of the challenges women face in male-dominated industries and shares empowering strategies for women to assert their presence and voice in professional settings. She also discusses how organizations can proactively address biases in their policies and practices to ensure everyone feels valued and heard.


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


  • 1:08 – Andie’s journey to writing books for women in the workplace
  • 9:38 – Self-awareness and confidence-building techniques
  • 15:40 – Strategies for organizations to focus on inclusion and combat biases
  • 26:20 – Getting men involved in the conversation


Learn a little more about Andie:


Andie has mentored thousands of women and written hundreds of articles and blog posts on gender biases. Because mentorship opportunities for young executive and professional women are often limited, she co-founded the Women’s Leadership and Mentoring Alliance (WLMA) to recruit senior women to mentor and support younger women on their way up. She has developed a series of leadership training programs and is a frequent speaker on the issue of gender discrimination and bias.

Andie speaks frequently to audiences about how to break through gender bias in the workplace. She draws on her professional and business experience to provide audiences with realistic, detailed, and readily usable advice. Andie and her husband, Al, are the co-authors of three award-winning books, and contributing writers to Harvard Business Review’s On Women and Leadership (2019). Andie is also a contributing writer on gender issues in the workplace for, and has been featured on The HuffPost, The New York Times, NBC News, and more.


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Andie & Al

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Overcoming Financial Shame with Stephanie McCullough

Stephanie McCullough, founder and financial planner with Sofia Financial, is here to talk about overcoming financial shame and aligning our finances with our values.


Our guest today is Stephanie McCullough, founder and financial planner with Sofia Financial. She specializes in helping women over 45 navigate their financial futures. With over two decades of experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and is a true advocate for women becoming financially fearless.

In our conversation today, we’re going to focus on the shame many women feel around money. Stephanie shares where this shame stems from and some powerful tips for overcoming the barriers that stop so many women from moving forward in their financial journeys. Throughout the episode, she discusses how important it is to align our finances with our values, have open conversations, and understand our behaviors and beliefs around money.


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


  • 1:51 – Why women feel shame around money
  • 7:23 – The power of getting started
  • 9:15 – Finding an advisor that listens and asks questions
  • 14:01– Aligning money with your values
  • 20:21 – Beliefs and attitudes about money
  • 31:12 – Taking small steps and embracing curiosity


Learn a little more about Stephanie:


Stephanie McCullough is founder of Sofia Financial and co-host of the award-winning Take Back Retirement podcast. One of Investopedia’s Top 10 Financial Advisors of 2023, Stephanie provides non-judgmental, truly holistic financial planning for professional women. She has found that women “of a certain age” are faced with a particular set of problems around the goal of retirement, especially those facing it on their own. Her mission is to empower women to make wise financial decisions so they can control their future, and thus she speaks to women’s groups regularly. Stephanie is married with two kids in their 20’s, and has degrees from Duke University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. Follow Stephanie @sofiafinancial and


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Stephanie’s Take It Back Podcast:



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Building Financial Intimacy with Your Partner featuring Ed Coambs

Ed Coambs, CFP®, certified financial therapist, and licensed marriage and family therapist, is here to talk about building financial intimacy with your partner.


Are money matters causing tension in your relationship? You’re certainly not alone. Money is often cited as the number one reason for conflict in relationships. It’s a topic that’s fraught with emotion, history, and often, misunderstanding. And that’s where awesome financial professionals like Ed Coambs come in.

Ed is a former firefighter turned Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), certified financial therapist, and licensed marriage and family therapist associate. With over two decades of experience and as the founder of Healthy Love & Money, Ed is an expert in resolving conflicts, managing finances, and fostering emotional intimacy within relationships.

He has some incredible insights to share in today’s show, like how our money messages- those we’ve received from society, family, and our own experiences- shape our financial behaviors today and can lead to a disconnect in how couples manage their finances. Tune in to learn how Ed helps couples strengthen their communication and work on building financial intimacy.


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


  • 1:44 – Ed’s journey from firefighting to financial services and therapy
  • 10:56 – Ed’s approach to financial planning + your “financial family tree”
  • 17:43 – Some underlying reasons why couples seek the help of a financial therapist
  • 22:11 – Some of Ed’s success stories + how financial goals shift over time
  • 25:59 – The psychological impact of past financial hardships
  • 29:57 – The clients that Ed typically works with + his comprehensive process


Learn a little more about Ed:


Ed is an internationally recognized thought leader in financial therapy who has been cited by the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, Time, and CNBC. He leads couples through therapy from financial despair and frustration into financial intimacy and connection using the latest in love and brain science. He earned his master’s degrees in business, counseling, and financial planning and is a licensed marriage and family therapist, certified financial planner, and certified financial therapist.


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Ed on Purse Strings:

Healthy Love & Money

Healthy Love & Money Podcast

The Healthy Love & Money Way:





The Five Biggest Financial Mistakes Women Make featuring Dr. April Murdaugh

Dr. April Murdaugh, financial advisor and CEO of Woman to Woman Financial, joins us to share the 5 biggest financial mistakes women make.


Dr. April Murdaugh is a Purse Strings-approved financial advisor in Fleming Island, Florida, and the CEO of Woman to Woman Financial. Through her wealth management firm, she is dedicated to helping educate, empower, and encourage women to create and grow generational wealth. We are honored to have her on the show today to share her remarkable story and tips for overcoming financial planning obstacles.

Throughout our conversation, Dr. April outlines the five biggest financial mistakes she sees women make. From avoiding financial planning to not having a will or estate plan, she has some powerful insights on taking control of your financial future. This episode is a great reminder that it’s never too late to make smart financial decisions, to seek help from professionals like those at Purse Strings, and to become financially fearless!


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


  • 1:11 – Dr. April’s experience with widowhood and financial hardship + journey to financial advising
  • 8:18 – Avoidance in financial planning
  • 9:53 – Negotiating for higher salaries or fees + working with a coach
  • 13:40 – Prioritizing retirement planning over college savings for children
  • 22:07 – Not having a will or estate plan
  • 26:44 – Giving your spouse complete control over your finances
  • 32:29 – Having financial conversations with your partner


Learn a little more about Dr. April:


Dr. April D. Murdaugh is a fee-based financial advisor based in Fleming Island, Florida. She specializes in assisting successful women executives and business owners in creating a financial plan that outlines how to live the life they deserve.

Having experienced homelessness, widowhood, and divorce- losing everything three times in her life-she is deeply committed to aiding women in fortifying against setbacks and navigating life transitions to achieve financial prosperity.

Formerly a college administrator and full-time professor of Business and Logistics, Dr. Murdaugh holds degrees from St. John’s University, Southern Wesleyan University, and Nova Southeastern University.

She has held leadership roles in various professional organizations including past president of the Professional Women’s Council, president of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors-North Florida Chapter, and Treasurer of the Women in Transportation-Northeast Florida Chapter.

She was also President of the American Business Women’s Association-Orange Park Charter Chapter in 2019 and 2020 and was recognized as one of the Top Ten Women American Business Women in 2021.

Among her accolades, she received the Small Business Leader of the Year award in 2020 and was named Best Financial Advisor in Jacksonville in 2018 and 2019. Recently, she was nominated as a Rising Star in Finance by the Jacksonville Business Journal and invited to apply for Woman of Influence recognition and the Leadership Jacksonville Class of 2025.

Dr. April D. Murdaugh is an approved Purse Strings Professional. She is a mom to four wonderful adult children. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, music, exercising, kayaking, and hiking.


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Dr. April on Purse Strings

Dr. April Murdaugh

Woman to Woman Financial


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HerMoney: Empowering Women’s Wealth with Jean Chatzky

Jean Chatzky, founder and CEO of the multimedia company HerMoney, is dedicated to empowering women’s wealth. She’s here to talk about the transference of wealth to women, the financial impact of caregiving responsibilities, investing, and more.

Jean Chatzky is a journalist, personal finance columnist, personal finance ambassador, and founder and CEO of the multimedia company HerMoney. With a career spanning over three decades, Jean has been a pioneer in empowering women to take control of their finances. From her bestselling books to her impactful podcast and coaching programs, Jean’s mission is to help women navigate all aspects of money management with confidence and clarity.

As a significant portion of wealth is anticipated to shift into the hands of women in the upcoming decades, it is more important than ever for women to be engaged in financial decisions and well-informed. It’s just as important for financial professionals to adapt and meet the unique needs of their female clients. Join us as we dive into these evolving dynamics with Jean, and cover topics like understanding your money type, the financial impact of caregiving responsibilities, investing, and more!


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


  • How HerMoney has grown from a podcast to a comprehensive financial platform for women
  • The progress made in women’s financial empowerment + the persistent challenges due to industry jargon and lack of inclusivity
  • The impending wealth transfer to women + the need for financial professionals to adapt and better serve female clients
  • Understanding your money type with HerMoney’s MoneyType quiz
  • The financial impact of stepping out of the workforce + complexities of childcare decisions


Learn a little more about Jean:


Jean Chatzky is the CEO of and host of the podcast HerMoney With Jean Chatzky. The financial editor of NBC Today for 25 years and the Financial Ambassador for AARP, she appears frequently on CNN, MSNBC and was a recurring guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author.

Her latest book is Women with Money: The Judgment-Free Guide to Creating the Joyful, Less Stressed, Purposeful (and Yes, Rich) Life You Deserve. An in-demand motivational speaker and fierce advocate for financial literacy, in 2015, she partnered with the PwC Charitable Foundation and Time for Kids to launch Your $, an in-school magazine that reaches 2 million school children each month.


Episode Links:



HerMoney Newsletter

HerMoney Podcast

Take the MoneyType Personality Test


Where you can find Jean:

Jean’s website




Prenups, Postnups, and Financial Planning for Couples with Marilyn Chinitz

Marilyn Chinitz, a New York lawyer specializing in matrimonial law, joins us to talk about prenups, postnups, and financial planning for couples.

This week on Women and Money, our guest is Marilyn Chinitz. Marilyn is a divorce attorney in New York who has been practicing law for 41 years and has extensive experience in matrimonial matters. She joins us today to help us better understand the world of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and their importance, especially in cases involving significant wealth or complex financial situations.

Join us as Marilyn breaks down some key considerations for crafting fair and effective agreements and stresses why it’s so critical to involve financial and legal professionals in these discussions. In our conversation, she covers the provisions that should be included in prenuptial agreements, why they need to be updated regularly, the costs and timeline involved in creating these legal documents, and much more. Don’t miss out on this episode packed with valuable insights!


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:


  • Marilyn’s experience in law + The advantages of prenups and periodic reviews of prenups throughout a marriage
  • The importance of thoroughness and legal expertise in drafting prenuptial agreements
  • Having your own attorney when setting up prenuptial agreements or trusts + protecting individual interests and assets
  • The key provisions that should be included in a prenup + avoiding unconscionable terms
  • Prenuptial agreements for average couples looking to protect individual assets + potential state law differences
  • Timing and cost considerations involved in the process


Learn a little more about Marilyn:


Marilyn Chinitz is a formidable advocate specializing in matrimonial law, focusing on high-net-worth divorce cases. With over 35 years of experience, she navigates clients through complex transitions, handling diverse matters such as:

  • Complex divorce actions involving diverse transactional matters
  • High-conflict custody cases
  • International custody cases including the return of abducted children in proceedings filed under the Hague Convention
  • Premarital agreements and postnuptial agreements
  • Same-sex divorce/dissolution matters
  • Paternity cases

Known for her straightforward, creative, and responsive client approach, Marilyn is as successful in litigation as in settlement negotiations. She has argued winning appeals in the appellate courts of New York, and in trials before the family court and the supreme courts of New York.

When high-profile marital matters or recent changes in the law make headlines, Marilyn is a sought-after commentator. She is often quoted in print, and has appeared on local and national television and radio shows including NBC’s The Today Show, ABC News 20/20, Inside Edition, among others.

Beyond her legal career, Marilyn is the proud mother of two accomplished adult children. She loves cycling, and participates in fundraising rides, and organizes travel to international destinations.


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Where you can find Marilyn:

Blank Rome LLP