Money Talks: The Mother-Daughter Team Changing the Narrative

In this podcast episode, the host interviews Dr. Barbara Provost and her daughter Maggie Nielsen, founders of Purse Strings, an organization dedicated to empowering women financially. Dr. Provost discusses her transition from a traditional job to starting Provost Consulting and then Purse Strings, inspired by the financial industry’s neglect of women’s needs. Maggie shares how her upbringing influenced her views on financial independence. They explore the mission of Purse Strings, which provides resources and connects women with trusted financial professionals. The episode emphasizes the importance of financial awareness, planning, and open communication about money. The guests encourage listeners to utilize Purse Strings’ free tools and guides for financial empowerment.

Financial freedom is not just a goal; it’s a necessity for women to thrive and succeed. It’s time to challenge the status quo and provide the tools and knowledge needed for financial empowerment!

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